The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day, um... 14 is it? Blimey. Well anyway...

RIGHT! This season I am going to get a proper website going, and my plan is basically to put 100 hours' work in over the next few weeks and at the end of those 100 hours I want it to be pulling in a passive income of at least 100 pounds a week. Naked greed! Or "generating prosperity" as I believe the accepted phrase is around here. Actually, 100 pounds a week isn't that much, but it will make a big difference to me. And I'm planning to do this without putting any more money into the project. All costs to be met from profits. So my resources at the moment are:

*Web space paid up until August.
*Domain just renewed for two years, so I won't have to pay out for that again until May 2011.
*A computer, printer, ream of paper and probably enough ink to print quite a lot, especially in "Draft" quality.
*A pile of envelopes and 5 second class stamps.
*Lots of cardboard (might be important for packing CDs if I get round to distributing audios in physical format)
*4 blank CD-Rs and 8 blank DVD+Rs

...and that's probably everything that's relevant to the project. So far I've put in four hours, which has been mostly setting up affiliate accounts and figuring out technical web stuff (considering I've actually created a website from scratch before, I remain remarkably ignorant of basic stuff!). It took me bloomin' ages just to get the index.html page of my site to redirect to an index.shtml so that I can use Server Side Includes (there's no way I want to be manually editing every single page when I add extra options to the site, so I need to have the menus saved separately and inserted on the fly... and after a lot of agonies, I now actually have that running). The next thing I plan to do is spend an hour or so assembling a list of free meditation resources, then I'll try to write something neat for the front page and then... well, then I might well post the URL here and let you all in on my work in progress. It'll be very rough and not have much content, but if I share it fairly early, it means (1) that search engines will be able to see it, and (2) you can see it grow and blossom from its humble beginnings to the glory it will one day be.

So, 4 hours down, 96 to go. Whoo-hoo!

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