The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi cocreatores:)
Just a little something about the everyday chalenge staying in the moment:)
It is kind of I have to keep reminding myself to chose positive thoughts..
The old conditioning want's the best of me..( or should I say worst?;)
So at the moment I am out of a job..(have been for quite some time now, but that is a whole other story)
I had a meeting today, it is a sort of "job seeker help".
But I have been so worried that a "normal job" is not what I want..
And I am really struggeling with this "help" because everything inside of me want's to just follow my heart..
But it is kind of tricky, cause I don't really know what it is that my heart want exactly..:) it is so many things..and I guess I have to just bee in the moment and trust.. That is what I get..
That if I trust, everything is going to be okei:)
So I said a prayer, setting the intentions out there,
that I need some guidens..I meditated on it.. Still not so ready for this meeting..
But was thinking that if I had to go, that I would know what to say, and that the right people or job opertunity would come..that if this is right I would maybe be leeded to the right place somehow..
And so after meditating, feeling quite good and in the now.. Just going about my morning..a textmessage came in.. The meeting was cancelled:) how good that felt:) getting answears right away:)
So that leaves me with a littlebit more time to maybe find something that comes from my heart:)
So I just have to keep trusting<3

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Comment by Katmani:) on January 30, 2013 at 9:53pm
Hi Julia, tnx:) I guess that's what I want too, to be my own boss:) use my creativety..
I just have to come back in the Flow everytime my mind want's to drift away in to old patterns.
Reminding myself that I am a cocreator and I can create what I want, from a place of trust and intentions:)
And just brush away the old ways of manipulating and conspiering to make things happen..

And tnx Raizel :)
What a good idea, I Will have to make this list aswell:) even though I don't know what job Will be the best right now, I do know what kind of things that is important to me:)
So tnx too bouth of you for your comments. It feels so good to know that someone out there understands this way of thinking:) it makes me very happy-and inspired
Lots of gratitude and <3
Comment by Raizel on January 30, 2013 at 11:54am

I'm there too! Don't worry it will be ok. Do follow your heart! If you are very drawn to something, chances are that this is what you should be best at! Recently I started to listen to a lot of affirmations and I made a lsit of what I want from my ideal job, and suddenly, I have all these interview invitations flowing in, it's crazy!


Julia - I think marketing is great if it's for a product or service that you actually believe in. That's the vital thing for marketing I'd say, to actually be passionate about the stuff you're promoting. It's the only way it won't bring you down (as someone who was writing materials about alarms and promoting lable-makers, I should know :)

Comment by Julia on January 30, 2013 at 5:13am

Hi Katmani, 

I know how you feel. I am out of job as well. Last year I quite my job because I hated it so much. It was so against who I am as a person, lying was a daily routine and be fake to everyone around you expected. So after quitting my job I went back to Uni and am at the end of the last month. After I get my degree, I will be in the same situation. I don't know exactly what I want to do, I think Marketing is nice but.... At heart I want to be my own boss, have my own company but I think I am not ready yet and also just HOPE and TRUST, that the right opportunity will arise. I think that is the best thing you can do at the moment. Preparation and self-discovery are the other points that I will have to work on but just trust the universe to guide me to the right opportunity will be key I think. 

I think if you keep trusting and giving it your best you will get there, I'm sure. Please keep us posted.

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