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Yesterday, was another good day. I am working consciously on the law of allowance. I woke up with money on my mind- maybe i was smelling it or something- because i finished with another manifestations of new revenues! incredible, no? so I started the day a bit later but not so much later. i decided not to run because my goal for this month will be achieved so i am giving myself a break because next month i start with a new goal- I sent again C home because she still did look tired and I continued with my work. I also took the opportunity to practice law of allowance since K was in the office- and later on B came around and we are so on the same frequency that she wanted to wait that the gym was closed to start training- when C & K left we started to chat and ended up having out 2nd business meeting- and it was amazing- we had a really intense moment- where i was building a momentum to announce the business idea-there she was- telling me my whole business idea- i mean it got me paranoid for a second thinking that i forgot somehow but she swore to me we never had this conversation before- it was a really strange moment- and she told me that i should not be frightened if i believe in the law of attraction- and she was right- i mean this is what i asked for and there she was and she told me that few days ago she was also frightened because of the stuff i was saying was like as if i was reading her mind- but she accepted that we are connected in a strong way- i mean, i am very happy with our opportunity to be business partners and I am ready for this dynamic because everything else I have no interest to go through with anyone else- but at the same time, it does puts me on the witness stand and watching myself becoming
different than i was and it is kind of strange. But i should get used to it because this is really what i want at the end of the day even if it is strange and unfamiliar ground right now- and i think that's the thing i do feel a bit shaky but that's what i want- i don't want the old stuff just because i am used to it- i want change and it is happening i just happened to be extremely aware of this shift in myself- it's kewl- after the meeting we went ahead and did the bootcamp for her training- it was like three hours- i was trying to target her stomach and butt- because she is always bothering me about it- it was a tough bootcamp but always impressed about how much she can endure and tough up- i'm impressed by her- after that we chatted for a bit and then she left- i think we ate before starting to workout and the meeting- so we were okay for food- what else- the day was nice- i was able to push myself after with the receipts and i completed the payment with R!- it was a good thing- and i got an email from M and K replying on the favor i am asking- and M wants to see me beginning next week. I like M but i feel so bored with him or the dating process is just such a huge time consuming that has no value to me- but he's a nice person- we'll see- i think i am more attracted to the idea of having a boyfriend than having a boyfriend- i've always been like that- what else happened yesterday- i am proud because i pushed myself about the receipts- so that was good- i've been quite fortunate to listen to the secret sometimes 2-3 times a day-while i am working and Esther Hicks- i am forcing my mind to be flooded by the teacher's wisdoms- with Esther hicks- i am totally taken by her energy- there is a strong energy from her where i feel totally attracted to- there is a feeling , almost a sexual arousal by listening to her- not at all time- but there is something about what she says- that's quite trippy-i cam't express it otherwise- I also secured another source of revenues for next month- and i woke up with the idea and B came with the idea- as if i was channeling her need and i was her solution- and she is also my solution- so it's pretty trippy because i was about to mention to her and she is the first one who brought it up and it was really interesting


don't remember my dreams last night- i just knew that i need to sleep for the next day.


I manifest being on time at my volunteer work and meet great people and great opportunities for my consulting business as a business and project architect- I also get offer an opportunity to be involve at the administrative and management level of H4H- after, i go to my office to pick up my receipts - the last batch and head to the gym and work on what i need to work and complete what i need to complete for the day- and after i have a good complete night sleep.


1. Go to TWRES pick up receitps
2. Complete Daily Works
3. Sleep well for next day


What i am realizing that more and more I am internalizing the secret in me- i caught myself few times sounding like some of the teachers- it is pretty trippy but it's kewl and i think this is part of my goal to flood my brain with that because i do believe that it is the time for me to take my future in hands and start manifesting the life that belongs within me- and it may be crazy but i want to internalize it for the rest of my life- i don't care because it is really amazing i get to listen to it while i am working and it works- i feel more focus and more positive and i am seeing amazing miracles in only few days- i am over-speeding it- i am asking for things and they happened so fast now- i am amazed that these people in the secret speak the same language and how it is obvious they have internalize the practice of the loa- and i want to master it- there is no other ways i want to be- things like being in alignment and law of allowing- and emotional guidance system-these are crucial things that i want to master- and find the feeling place of what i desire - at will- that's super important to me and i really want to get there really fast- i know that my emotional system is changing because for the first time i am feeling that i am super close to own my car- and before it felt something so much in the future, somewhere- and now it is like i taste it - i feel it as a necessity and no doubt about it- so tangible- and with my business- i feel a sense of immediacy of manifestation that i never felt that before- never had that desire of immediacy- now i do- and it's cool because things are going really fast and i know i am the one that is making it going fast because just because this is how i want it- i feel a sense of urgency to finish the goals that i set to accomplish this month because i already have the ones for next three months ligning up and that's awsome! i feel i found a new strength in me and it is awesome!


B as the perfect business partner for my fitness and nutrition cie. C's business for me to become better project and B architect. and give birth to my other cie. A place to rest. A place to grow. I bring urban design to my castle. I bring Esther Hicks' clarity and wisdom. I bring new clients who can afford my services and value my services, skills and experience. I bring H4H for the skills, networking and experience. TWREZ office to ground myself in my corporation. I want to bring more money and revenues in my life, more joy and opportunities to help people to build their business visions. I want to bring more experienced people around construction skills-and access their networks for my next home. I want to bring more days where i am working on my castle with a crew of people in a very fun and light environment. I bring the movie the secret for the way it makes me feel good. I bring HBL inventory to give to the ones who need it and start from initial point again. I bring more time with B to develop a stronger connection. I bring more time to myself to rejuvenate my energy to give more to the external world. I also bring more time to myself to be able to attend to my daily tasks and being able to have complete sleep to start the next day early with a wonderful trance/channeling running session.


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