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Yesterday was a fantastic day. I went to my H4H/Working on renovating my castle dedicated day and I felt very good. I decided to take Sunday and make it a dedicated day to pre-paved my castle renovation- and on my way there i was able to start planning the external aspect of the house- for instance, the private road leading to it- and the urban design- i got pretty good ideas- at the entrance, it will be gated with two statues on the side- and I brainstormed what the statues will be about but i come out with more ideas- for instance, i am thinking of horses, angels, inspiring famous people and i just got an idea of creating statues of all my future adopted children- or even of the world- or rainbow- but the best would be of creating three statues with angels holding in their hands- scrolls that have written on it - of the three universal laws mentioned by Esther/Abraham Hicks! I also want to have threes on both side of the road leading to the doorway of the house- and the road will become circular since the house is in circular shape- and all along there will be threes circling the driveway- i also want to recreate the urban design- so public garbage, flowers in huge cemented pots and park benches, and cigarette butts- and i realize after thinking about that and bringing them to my mental workshop- that it would be awesome for me to start taking pictures of that- and the whole and create an album - so that's the deal- what else? i am thinking that starting with a BB could make a lot of sense- but we'll see i have to go there to see my home to channel the space for me- so after i finished my day- i got a call from B she wanted to get some products-so it was a great synergy to get me to go to my office- and with that i picked up the last batch- but i was truly exhausted and with a day of grace to complete my goals- i just made decision that it would be wiser to rest well last night so i can start my week in good shape- so B had to come by to pick up the products ( a manifested new revenue!) and i was really tired and needing to get out- i've been inside all day so i asked to go for a walk and i decided to invite her to eat and we went to try a new restaurant- it was good - i had hot chicken sandwich and a baked potato- after that i was too burnt- so i finished my CCOR practice and i called it a day.


I dreamt about Brenda but like i believe now- dreams are only a daily activity depot- because yesterday- i was on my BB checking who's on my msn and someone had a different identity with an interesting message and i wanted to know who it was and there she was- so her name got imprinted on my mind and went into my dreams. I can't wait when the principles of the secret- get imprinted in my dreams- but talking about that- i think the dream was about me telling her something along Bob Prector- so it is coming-


Today I manifest a beautiful and accomplished day. I first start working at the gym and meet Irma at 9h00 to help her get in contact with the right people for a possible job, after i leave to go to a cafe - to complete my receipts, my course and do the rest of the stuff i need to do-after that i go back to the gym and do my evening work. after my work segment, I prepare my agenda for the day, the month and complete my SEEP. And prepare everything i need for the next day.




So i am thinking of memorizing the section of the workshop visualization that Esther Hicks does because her workshop idea makes a lot of sense and i am using it while i am running and i am seeing results but more than that i feel i am building new neuro-paths related to bringing more money and revenues and it's working like magic- like i said before I've been inundating myself with the movie the secret - i only listen to it- and it is really important to my mastering of these laws- once i master these three laws i will have master the physical world and therefore permitting me to go out there and help others- i had a flash yesterday or the day before that i am called to do seminars and it is funny because i have to share that- the same way that i fell in love with my new home when i were a kid- the only thing i remember when i came to Canada as a child is this impressive fellow- and i remember who he was- a motivational speaker- and i don't know how i met him- he was a cousin of my then adopted family and for some reason that imprinted in my head and i told myself i would love to do that one day- and now that i am feeling that i am in the process of settling in in the life that i want and designed by me- it is inkling again at me- on a quite consistent matter- i forgot to go into details but yesterday i got a new and i will say officially my first client as a BIEN consultant- and he told me that he feels that i am a book- and it is not the first time i hear that- and i feel i am starting the process of manifesting and allowing myself to take on that calling that is obviously in me- I know i am a channeler and lots of people feel that what i have to say is very uncommon and i am gifted to be able to inspire people and now that i am feeling that I've reached a point in my life that i really allow myself to live the way i want to live- i feel that i am getting ready to do seminars- and spending time with Esther Hicks makes me realize more and more that the reason she has such a big impression on me (her words) and that other woman in "what the bleep do we know about the world" is because we are kindred spirits- and that makes a big difference- there is a resonance between her, that other lady and how I impact others with my words- must sign off-


I bring into my workshop K for being so talented in fitness evaluations. I bring C for being so straightforward with her business principles regardless of personal liens. I bring B to be so opened to my feedback and remarks and running with them to her personal success. I bring Irma for being so eclectic and very strategic with her future plans. I bring Ricardo for being ready and having the resources to afford my services as a Project and business Architect. I bring my running into my workshop to start the day in good vibration and allowing me to do interactive meditation and focusing on what i want to bring more into my life. I bring an organized day to do all the things i must be doing-
So mote it be!


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