The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 21

It's pretty awesome that I get to begin almost every week singing the most beautiful music, surrounded by the most beautiful voices and people, in the beautiful sanctuary of St Clements ( We sang Victoria's, Missa Pro Victoria for 9 voices, and I was alone on my part. It was stunning and my soul needed the healing balm of music. 

Day 22

Today was a gorgeous warm autumn day. The sky was crystal clear and the foliage is spectacular. Pit bull boyfriend and I went to Blue Bell Park for an hour or so. This entire week is supposed to be warm and sunny. I'm so grateful for that :)

I got into an accident on the merge onto 76 today. It was so weird that I went that way, because I usually take MLK Drive. Luckily, no one was hurt and my car is driveable, just some body damage to the rear passenger door and the rear quarter panel. I was in a tractor trailer driver's blind spot and the bolts from his tires shredded the side of my car during bumper to bumper traffic on the Schuykill Expressway. From here on out, I will ALWAYS take MLK Drive! I was 45 minutes late for my rehearsal, but the rest of my day went as planned: rehearsal, then TJs, then home. When I got home, I had received the estimate from the handyman in the e-mail. I'm going to give him the go-ahead to begin work.

My Intention for tomorrow is to enjoy the beauty of the day with my Poppy, cook good food, be calm, relaxed, and blissfully unproductive, enjoy rehearsal tomorrow night.

I'm so grateful for Mom & Dad, Poppy, perspective, beautiful warm autumn days, Fairmount Park System, St Clements, and Shir KI. 

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