The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 25

Feeling really In the Flow today. Got offered an extra gig, my friend came over and we played in the studio, practicing yoga cuing and warm ups. I went to a meeting on behalf of my quartet The Laughing Bird and I also had a rehearsal at Old St Peter's for an Evensong on Sunday afternoon. Good people. Good Anglican music :)

Day 26

Woke up early and heated up the coffee, because I had an early morning doctor's appointment. The doc told me my wound is healed and that I can "resume normal activity." Wooo-hoooo! I'm going to take it easy and refrain from any working out or yoga until at least Monday, just to be sure.

The autumn foliage at Blue Bell Park today was astounding! Pit bull boyfriend and I hit the trails for a short loop, then we hit the Farmer's Market in my hood for veggies.

I just started reading Baron Baptiste's "Journey Into Power" book and my mind is blown. It is really resonating with me. I thought it was going to be a book about yoga poses, but it is really transformational.

"The only person who can open the door to the inner truths and lead you to the light is yourself." Baron Baptiste

I am grateful for Poppy, Mom & Dad, friends, Anglican choirs in Philly :), apple slices dipped in peanut butter, The Germantown Farmers Market, and the continuing Abundance of the Universe.

My Intention for the weekend is to just enjoy the musical experiences,enjoy my colleagues, send positive energy into the world whenever I can, be graceful and calm throughout the day, notice everything around me, and be Present to the Moment. 

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