The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This pass week was a good one we take a family vacation to NY and NJ. I have been wanting to go to NY for some time now and we finally had the time and the money to go. I loved every minute of it. Its was so different from the the small town I live in. So much to do its hard not to get overwhelmed. On another note business is starting to pick up,sense I go back. I got a few clients wanting to get their hair done this week. I have not had to advertise at all, they all have heard of me by word of mouth or they have seen my work and call me up to book appointment. It feels good to just sit back an relax a little and let God and the Universe work things out.

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Comment by Seema Patel on January 31, 2012 at 9:05pm


Just concentrating on feeling good is the way to go and let the Universe handle the rest.

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