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I've been slacking a bit with this blog. Oh well, I can forgive myself for that. What's been happening? Interesting week, nothing massively eventful, things are moving along slowly but surely I think, now I'm looking forward to December which sees my birthday and of course Christmas within its timescale. I guess I'm starting to wind down now in preparation for Christmas and the New Year. 

I want to make some changes in the New Year, I don't quite know what they will be yet though, only a vague idea at the moment. I think this could well be my last full year in Yorkshire although I will certainly be here at the start and probably up to the middle of next year. We'll see though. 

I think the focus for me needs to be on loving myself and loving life rather than trying to fix symptoms. If I can treat the cause rather than the symptom .. I will end up being happier I'm sure. Not that I'm unhappy at the moment, in fact I am quite grateful that I am now able to keep my head easily above water after the amount of bad days I've had this year, which shows how much I've grown as a person. 

I think I'm going to have a fairly easy weekend. This isn't really the kind of weather to be going for long day trips, so maybe I will spend some time in Otley where I live and just try to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. 

Blessings xxx

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Comment by Andy B on December 1, 2012 at 12:51pm

Yes so do I, particularly as I've decided to enjoy Christmas a bit more :)

Comment by Raizel on December 1, 2012 at 12:24pm

Sounds like you have an interesting year coming up! I quite like this time of the year, with Christmas in the air and new year approaching, it's perfect for reflecting on changes that you want to make. Enjoy your weekend!

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