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Not long to go now before the Christmas break - can't wait :) Not really got much to post as regards the challenge but I just wanted to share a story from last week where a stranger did a random act of kindness for me. I had to go to the bank to take some work cheques there, as I do once or twice a week. It's in Harrogate town centre and I have to pay for a ticket and display it inside my screen. I got my ticket and put it on top of the area between the steering wheel and the window. 

The next I knew, when I came back, there was a traffic warden and another guy near my car - this guy said that my ticket was upside down and he bought me another one - he had seen me get the original ticket. The warden said the same. I didn't really understand why - I thought that maybe I had placed the ticket the wrong way round but didn't think that should matter. What actually happened, and I don't know how, is that the ticket moved to almost the other side of the car and had flipped onto the other side so that the actual ticket details could not be seen.

After I understood this, I waited for the guy to come back and asked if I could pay him back, but he said it was fine and was happy to do me a favour. I still don't know how the original ticket moved so far, the windows weren't open or anything, maybe it was the universe orchestrating an opportunity for me to see an example of kindness from a stranger. 

There are some good people in this world. 


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Comment by Sophie COLAS on December 17, 2012 at 4:09pm
Thank you for this post. That is a nice story. There are nice people everywhere, you just have to see. ;-)

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