The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I had a great weekend all in all. I got some stuff done, but also laid back a little too.

D5-Friday was quiet and I got some studying done. I was invited to go out, but couldn't since I had my writing exam. I had to go out and buy a dictionary for my test, there was a very nice girl at the checkout that was asking how I liked my school (ODU) and I encouraged her to pursue her degree. I also got some Chinese food while I was out, I know not part of the weight loss plan, it's my biggest weakness. However, I did love the fortune cookie message I got: "Smiling often can make you look and feel younger." I thought that was perfect, especially if you look at day 4's blog post.

D6-Saturday, I went to take my exit writing exam that I need for graduation. I didn't sleep well the night before and I was a little nervous, so I really just hope that I pass, that's all I want since it doesn't really affect my GPA.
I finally hooked up with my friend Jacki to go see a movie, afterward we went to Chili's and split an appetizer, so that wasn't bad, we had great conversation and it was so nice to have someone to relate with and talk to. Her husband is away for work as well so we have that in common as well. The nicest thing about that day that I was most grateful for was laughing at the movie and with her. I did not do any homework...I took the day off. =0)

D7-Sunday, another quiet day...I finished all my MS Access modules for computers and studied some. I also got a few things done around the house. Spent most of the day at the computer. Got to talk with my husband some this evening and he told me he got his package yesterday and really appreciated it, he especially liked the chocolate hazelnut biscotti I made.

The next 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and the 2 weeks after will be's the HOME STRETCH with school. So, I know I will really have to kick into high gear and focus, focus, focus. So, I may start working on affirmations during this time, if anybody has any tips on that it'd be great.

Thanks to everyone for your support, you're all so inspiring to me...this website is awesome.

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