The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am currently looking for my new studio and I declared on this site yesterday that I would find my new studio..........well yesterday afternoon I received a call from someone local to me who has a spare summerhouse........I went to have a look and it was really nice, however something didn't feel quite right, I'm really intune with energies and the energy wasn't quite right for my work......the place was lovely and warm and there was enough Im going to trust my intuition and not go with this one, however I know that there is something EVEN better just around the corner........

So I've decided to set my intention and be more SPECIFIC this time........Sometimes it happens like this, we set our intentions, our desires then we travel along a path and along the path are opportunities and events that eventually take us to our desired outcome...and the most important thing is to go by our feelings about these events, to ask ourselves, does this feel right, if it does then go for it, if its doesnt then trust that there is something even better.

I will keep you posted.......


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