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I came here today for the first time in about six months. I could tell by checking in that I have been so deeply involved in what I set forth to do in Season 4 that I totally missed Season 5. So I consider that Season four just lasted for two seasons and now it's Season 6 for me.

I see that everything I asked for in Season 4 came entirely true by now. I feel so much stronger for one thing physically which was one main thing I was intending. I also had many good time with other people that I was asking for.

A few days after season 6 started I ran into a wall figuratively speaking. All the things that were coming together for me seemed to come to a standstill. In the 12 days or so since that happened I have been noticing in various ways that there were a lot of major life cycles that shifted for me a few days after Season 6 started. I went into it with very clear goals and intentions for projects I am working on but then I became aware. I became aware as I studied the cycle shifts and manifested some experiences with other people that a window of light was opening for me. I saw it in a dream. A woman put a CD into a music player in my home and a light burst forth like the sun straight into my third eye.

Just yesterday there was lightning in a storm outside my window and one of the flashes seemed to come right into the room. In 2008 I had experiences over a period of several months where I connected to this flash of light and felt those experiences were telling me of a most brilliant future that was coming. And now it seems the light of the doorway of that future is appearing again.

So while I am still intending my current projects and goals I am also and mostly doing everything I can to become more aware of this light, this opening, this portal, this energy, this Great Mystery of a most brilliant future for me opening up in the time frame that is this my Season 6. And allowing and receiving for it to unfold and manifest in my life. And provide great nurturing love and support for all the projects I am working on, or perhaps takes me in a while new direction, and or both?

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