The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I'm really at a loss as to how to tackle things..

The problem is...

I'm consistently inconsistent!

I start something...and then after the surge of enthusiasm during the first couple of days..

I usually discontinue it...although it may be some thing I enjoy...

or something that is bringing me a world of benefit..

take the 100 day challenge for instance...

yes the intention is there..

and I've started the challenge several times...

but I've never completed it...

much less gone beyond the first few days!!

Please ...can some one help me on this one? :(

I'm just feeling so low and miserable...

This is a pattern that is years and years old...

and every time I start and stop something...

I tell myself... did it again!!!

I'm running from pillar to post ...

just to break this habit of being inconsistent...

I've tried almost everything...

Eft, visualization, affirmations, a personal coach...

you name it!

And the problem worked while

I was concistent with the processes...

but after a while I stopped those too!


How do I break this habit/ pattern?

please help!



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Comment by Crystal on March 8, 2013 at 1:18am


         Thank you sooo soo  much for that  very long respose...I am really touched!!

         Of course I was with you through out..and I couldnt agree with you more..when you said 'forgiving the self' is the first step...But how does one go about it? I would really appreciate some help here :)

    As for your offer about being a support buddy...I would really love that!!

    But Im not sure how we could work it out...

    But thanks again for your amazing reply and for giving me so much of support!

   sending you lots of love n hugs!! <3 <3

Comment by Crystal on March 8, 2013 at 12:31am

Thankyou for your comments every one!

Bettina! Yes..perhaps I should ask for divine guidance and help...and see where the Universe takes me..thankyou!

Brooke..I was talking about me! :0 yes..embracing who you are and taking tiny steps..I can start with that!

thank you!

Sharon..thank you..I know it's time to stop blaming myself..and self-acceptance is the key!


Comment by Bettina on March 7, 2013 at 8:33am

   ... may be you should ask the Big Boss to help you ... and then go really the way Universe shows you?

                                                                     But I do understand,

                                           so you should know: everyone stumbles, falls down, gets up and goes on!

                                                                           big hug, Bettina


Comment by Julia on March 7, 2013 at 6:37am

Hi, I think most of us know this situation way to well. I certainly do and I believe that I am actually getting slowly over this hurdle. 

Before you brake this habits you have to understand that most of your life you were developing these habits you despite so much now. First thing to do is to forgive yourself for that. You have to forgive yourself and everyone else not for specific things you or anyone had done but just let go. I know you have big goals and you will achieve those I promise, but you have to do it step by step, because you are not an athlete yet in making big and long jumps. If you look at the athletes for example they could not have done those jumps in the beginning, they have been training the right muscles for hours and hours. Did you know it takes 5.000h of a particular exercise or topic to learn to become really good at it and some 10.000h to become an expert? Just to give you a perspective how people get there. I was not blessed with the wisdom and good habits from the beginning on, which is why I am putting in time and lots of effort to get there.

So first forgive yourself (I started meditating to learn to forgive let me know if you want to know more about it) for not being perfect and having bad habits, but also make sure that you know that this is in the past.What you are today is the product of past habits. If you decide that you want to change something you need firstly to know what that is and what actions you have to take to get there (I have been doing that for myself and a few friends of mine so let me know if I can help you on this task). Once you decide what you will be doing DO IT. that is a critical part. Our mind and body are so used to how they were behaving that once things change, they become uncomfortable. This is a feeling they want to escape by any means so your mind and body will do anything to go back to the old habits. If you know that it helps you to understand why you are struggling and you can use your conscious mind power to work through it. It is hard at times and you won't succeed every single day. However that is the critical point. Do not beat yourself up for not achieving the goal one day, forgive yourself for that and start the action as soon as possible again. It takes 30-40 days to build a new habit. Your brain is wired in a particular way (current habits) to rewire to the habits you want it will take a lot of rewiring the brain which is why the 30-40 days. If you want the process to happen a bit faster you have to combine the new habit with positive emotions. Lets say I want to get into the habit of doing yoga regularly. Yoga is hard, I have to work new muscles and learn to be patient  so what I do is try to smile during the exerciser as much as I can an picture myself exercising on a beach, mountains etc. if I do that for 30 days my brain will be wired to enjoy the yoga instead of seeing it as a chore. 

What often is a good help is having a buddy with whom you can talk to firstly have a pick up and motivation busy but also an accountability partner to whom you have to be accountable for the goals you set. The other person will have set some goals as well and both of you would not want to let the other person down by not fulfilling the obligation you set yourself. Important is to have very small action goals in the beginning till you actually know how much realistically you are able to achieve during the day. No point in writing all this chores for the day without any realistic view on it. You only and up disappointed not to have achieved. Secondly of you can cross off small goals off your list you already create a habit of achieving so you write down, 10 min. running, 10 minutes focusing on your goals of today, have breakfast, give myself 10 compliments today etc and every time you check it off. that creates an illusion or rewiring for achieving your goals in your brain. 

Gosh that became a very long mail now, Sorry for that hope you stuck with me through out. i really want to help you because I know how hard it is for me as well sometimes. I would be happy to help you to achieve your goals if you want to consider the buddy partner system or any questions you have please write them I will try to help you as best as I can. Now a small summary of the above

1. Forgive yourself and others (Meditation)

2. Set Goals (Visualization)

3. Set small ACTION goals (Conscious Mind/Will Power, Visualization)

4. DO IT (Conscious Mind/Will Power, Visualization)

5. Forgive yourself 

6. Combine with positive emotions (Faster Results + Stronger Connection in the Brain)

Much Love,


Comment by Sharon on March 7, 2013 at 1:47am
I believe you are not alone. I am the same as you! There are so many things that you want to achieve and we just can't follow through. Maybe we should just firstly just stop blaming ourselves and just accept that this is who we are and deal with it.
My strategy is to set target day by day and maybe even hour by hour. Stop from time to time and see if we achieved it. If we achieved it, reward ourselves for it. And gradually set up more long term target. Hope that helpful.


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