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Listen through, the beginning was hard for me to understand what he was talking about but about a quarter the way in... when you hear don't be a robot.... CLICK

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Comment by Susan on October 31, 2014 at 4:39pm

bottom line of course is balance but i really like how it all played out.  would love to read the book!@  or listen to it.  

"God is giving you but doesn't put it in your pocket.. saying from carpathian mountains.

 so you have to take and put it in your pocket.  DO SOMETHING   you have to do something ,"

Comment by Susan on October 31, 2014 at 4:38pm

Points that hit me from this podcast.

You are not just like a robot.

People forget there are trees... (sleep drive park work shop drive sleep)

Speak with mother earth and people around you.  

Time is past and future... Present - now is life.

if you want to eat ice-cream, drink beer do it but enjoy it.  Don't be a robot.  

that's what it means to be awake.

You don't have to become "spiritual"  e.g Suzuki Zen 1965.said  you don't need technique just surrender to the moment. (he had people meditating on his behalf)   but he didn't say you do need to do something don't wait.  you need a technique doesn't matter what... various easter methods but prayer (rosary) if it works for me is good too!  meditate tiqong tichi heart imaging whatever

God is giving you but doesn't put it in your pocket.. saying from carpathian mountains.

 so you have to take and put it in your pocket.  DO SOMETHING   you have to do something , if you don't your mind will go into the sky and you can loose your mind.  

go in your heart and see the real world.  In the heart there are real angels.  imagine what is coming to you... 

go in your heart do meditation be grounded.... or it didn't happen... 

Japanese talk about heart

1. being , 2. feeling or 3. knowledge.

     body  2. heart   3. brain

(the above part was confusing so i'm working through what yea meant)

being sphere is most important that is where you are born from your mother...

heart is bridge between brain and being

you need to do something, just close your eyes, read a book, go to museum see beautiful pic do whatever you like to bring you to the center... meditation tic hi whatever works for you.

(he speaks of all different spiritual traditions as being good bridges to centering)

unconditional love btwn people is enough communication.

heart imagery.

way of living....  simple.  set of images all will change something in you.  suddenly you will feel flash of energy or pain (somewhere)  your mental and emotional bodies come into balance....

third eye indigo eye.... (hmmm i love blue)  

they gave an image and through that image to work.

Madame (Master) Anna


man with eye infection

sit down close eyes

work in forest

go to spring water wash your eyes

open your eyes do three times

the infection disappeared (according to the speaker)

An image is an image the light reflects on the image and allows you to see it.

go in your brain, change your image, change your reality.

imagery, the less you do the more powerful you are.  left brain does it.

see ocean... within 30 seconds  then keep another.

5 or 10 minutes.  no time to think, just an intuition.... develops intuition.  

harvard study says we have 20 thoughts in a second... 

to spend 10 minutes with no thinking... outstanding.

(heart imagery best in quick bursts/....)

Heart imaging workshop he teaches

1 clean past

2 healing emotional clarity

3 union with God.

clear past

open your eyes

in 2012 we are in feminine energy....  DON'T FIGHT go with the FLOW  that is feminine energy .  how it works gives you what you need in that moment in that time.

we were born in masculine energy and will die in feminine energy,.. 26,000 years in male energy,.,. now we are in transition to feminine's a transit period now,,,, (what happened to change in 2012?)  (driving car image - stop drink water etc) 

don't be a robot. savor life, be in the moment, some people don't want to change.... for them this will be painful.

sometimes ego is good... ego says don't do dangerous things.  in order to go somewhere, achieve things but how much is ego and how much is heart mind... are you using it in constructive way or destructive way.  you need ego to follow schedules for airplanes etc... 

simple.... ananda main student of budda in one day someone came budah touched his head new person.  new guy was enlightened.  ananda said why not me and nothing happened and then you know it's possible. it's called surrender.,.,  SURRENDER



you have to surrender to the process - to the process of being in the moment, of doing something of not being a robot of taking what God provides.  surrender to the process.  

we need to stop, it's not easy  we watch tv, computers  master is mountain student is valley enlightenment is a river.  biggest sin of ego is it stops you from surrendering.

whatever you are doing .  stop we are like robots... we are not able to stop and connect with ourselves.  just for 10 seconds... don't even breathe.......... 

It's a balance... we have to follow a path  the biggest great master is life, universe, God.  see flower look at it. don't take it just enjoy it.  that's life.

2012 in Yucatan.  Don Peblopabluch,,???

what is bird doing in the morning when she wakes up.

what do you do when you wake up?  - I make coffee....etc...

what does the bird do when she wakes up???


i am happy!  I am now!  Gratitude is the most important thing.  And abundance comes to you... open heart.  small stone lake and ripples out... which brings us back to the beginning of this talk!

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