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David Childerly just said something on one of his videos that really affected me. He said that he is forutnate enough to be living his dream life- living his dream life... for some reason I had lost touch with that concept, but just now it has been reawakened in me. So, I a going to spend this tie to dream a little bit, and type while I do it.

Dream Life
I get up and go to my clinic which is decorated with plants so thick and trickling water, and a jungle relaxing sound track that it is almost like waiting in a jungle.(I have someone I have hired to maintain and clean it) In the lobby, people can sit on very comfortable red couches or wicker jungle chairs to wait. There are little cards everywhere with powerful sayings on them to get them in a free state of mind. When they come into the treament room, which is very comfortable with a comfy couch and two comfy matching chairs, they feel instantly comfortable and surrounded by love.
I have just had a wonderful morning with the man of my dreams, and I feel refreshed and positive. I sit waiting in my room looking out on the beautiful trees that make up the scenery. I feel life, love and ability coursing through my trim body. It has been trim for years now- you see I had a miracle, and my metabolism sped up so that I could and can eat whatever I want. I am thankful everyday for how amazing and miraculous that experience wa a true miracle. Now I advertise with huge full-page sections in the local alternative paper because I am enjoying such a lucrative business. When people come in, I love them instantly so much and transformation occurs. The amazingly positive emotions like water running through me make them see me as something different. I am living in heaven on earth, and I feel amazingly happy every day. My healings are world famous, and my name is known in pop culture media and all over the globe in all differnt demographics. I live a very calm, peaceful, and fun life though. Famous people come to see me on a regular basis. I have so much money and the abundance drips from me so profusly that I can literally help anyone I want to help. I have Youtube videos which dozens of thousands of people see to watch me eloquently, clearly, and authentically give world shaking advice that dramatically changes the world. We are one, and if we move together in the right way, things will go amazingly.
I have a deep, authentic, romantic relationship and our love is transcendent and free of jealousy.
I am so happy. I have new things. A new car, a new house- people love to pay me because they feel so grateful and I love to take it because I know that it's worth it and I know that amassing this wealth gives me power for good.

Love you all.

Isabel Swan

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Comment by Tamara Hanson on June 22, 2009 at 10:43pm
This is beautiful. I could feel the positive energy as I read this! I love this idea and will do it for myself. Thank you!

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