The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I´m thinking about my dreams and manifistations, which came true.

1. After two lap of honors in the eight grade and in the final grade at school I finished my school with a really good average in my certification.

2. I finished my three-year apprenticeship as in the accountancy very brilliantly even I was interested in another job area.

3. Seven years I dreamt of travelling to the USA. 1998 this dream was realized because my mom won money in the casino . Three weeks California.

4. Once in my lifetime I wanted to work and live in a foreign country, at least for one year. After the apprenticeship I jumped into the cold water and stranded on the "Green Island" in Dublin.

5. In Dublin occured so many miracles. One situation I remembered very well. I had no money for paying my bed. Then I did something crazy. Outside it was very cold, it was winter, under the 0 point. But I went out with my scetchbook and my pencils to the Grafton Street. There I waited for 30 minutes for new clients. I was close to give up because my fingers turned blue. Suddenly as I turned around six people stand there waiting to be drawed by me. For 10 Euro in total I drawn them as caricactures. I couldn´t believe it more people came to me. They stand in a row waiting for their turn. After one hour I had more money for paying my bed and the foto of me I need for my work. Wow. On the next day I got my salary.

6. After Ireland I had to cancel my journey to Thailand. That was very good. Otherwise I haven´t have my inner and outer coming out, haven´t met my life partner, with whom I fell in love and go our journey until now. Before that happened I told myself I want to be in harmonized relationsship (with that I had them with remarkable bad experiences.) A relationship, where we support, accept, tolerate and respect each other on the basis of unconditionally love.

So my dream came true being in a true loving relationship. I´m really grateful for that.

7. Since three years I´ve been living in Mexiko. Another big dream came true. I didn´t want to go to Mexico, but here a door opened. So I couldn´t say no.

Here I received my pets. My first dog I named Scottie how I wished for in the last 10 years. We found him prisoned in a cage in a pet shop. Our hearts said right away: We have to take him out of this cage. He needs a home full of love, which he received right away. After that he got a friend, named Mex. The third big one was a spontaneously decision. One of our cats died very young. I had a very strong connection to him. My lifepartner decided to buy a bloodhound. Very cute. So she needed a friend. In a shop we discovered a German schnauzer, that were alone. Nobody wanted her, so we took her to our lovely home. Some dreams unfold nice situations, with that I´ve never expected. Now we have seven cats and five dogs.:-))))

8. At the moment I live in a very nice light appartment. In one room I have my favorite working desk, on which I write, draw and paint.

These fulfilled dreams help me to believe in me, others and in life.

I´m happy right now to receive the other manifistations.

One angel card recommend to be patient as it says: Your dreams flourished quickier than you think. But they required loving care and patience.

Have nice day full of nice gifts and manifistations, blessings.

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Comment by N on September 3, 2012 at 11:54pm

I often take my manifestations for granted, but this is such a good reminder to appreciate!  Way to go!!!!!

Comment by Love Life on September 3, 2012 at 10:39pm

Wow thanks for sharing your manifestations! It reminded me of how many wonderful things I had manifested in my life, and how much I want to manifest more!!  Your experiences gave me some positive hope that my future will be better even though right now it looks a little thank you so much for sharing!!

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