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Hello co creators..hope you all are having a having a positive chill I had some crazy dreams last night…the first part there was a baby  that I took underwater, and in the second part I was back in high school and exploded at a girl I didn’t get along with then….DEEP so I think it’s about like brining different part of myself together in away…that has been my theme over that last week or so, I think taking the baby underwater can be about self denial and abandoning a smaller more vulnerable side of myself to meet the opposing needs of haste and maybe fear..and the second part I explode in anger to attack someone who betrayed me long ago…( I relay disliked feeling those feelings when I woke up) but know it’s all for a good reason because  it is something that my consciousness needed to experience the ying and yang of betrayl and neglect within myself and outside of myself..maybe they really are the same thing, like when I abandon and neglect myself as I needed to do in the past,  this is in contrast to receiving neglect abandonment  and betrayal outside of myself…I do not know what else this is supposed to mean but bring to light things in my consciousness that would otherwise be buried. The human mind is such an amazing tool. Let me know if you have other insights! I think also the high school things, with all the other peeps from high school there kinda seals the deal that this is a learning experience. And not the kind that is over after the seminar but the kind that gets dragged out over years and years..I am learning to truly integrate the different parts of myself! It is like hugging a friend I have missed for a long time.  My mind is cleansing, my body and psyche are cleansing and I am sooooooo thankful for this..I am aware that when I feel uncomfortable twinges, I am healing my consciousness is getting put back together by the grace of god to make my vision whole.  Hmm….what will I do with these new lessons? How much MORE will I see in the world? In my neighborhood when I take my dog for a walk. She is CRYING and waiting …so I am about to see. So thankful for a new vision of wholeness, release and completeness growing.   I am constantly manifesting my health! Thank you always for your support.


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Comment by Love! on March 13, 2011 at 10:59pm
It is so crazy huh? How you can learn about yourself, and learn lessons through your dreams? That is so cool that we can do that :) I feel all my dreams help me in some way. Have fun finding yourself! I am on the same journey :)

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