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Dying wasp? There's a message here somewhere.

Bit of an odd post but I felt like sharing this.

This morning I noticed a wasp on the stairs in my hallway, he was staggering around looking unwell. I grabbed a piece of tissue paper and placed it next to him so I would notice it and step round him. A little later he had stopped moving and looked dead.

I decided to move him to a safer spot (presumably) to die. As I gently edged him with tissue onto a piece of card he started to move and grabbed onto the tissue. I reckon it took a lot of energy to do this as he soon became still again.

My Mum used to say 'Nature looks after her own' when as a child I worried about an injured pigeon I'd seen. Abraham-Hicks says something like, if they're left alone, the beasts will find a way out of their suffering - if it's too much for them.

I can't bring myself to put the wasp outside in the cold. So I'm sitting here with him next to me on a piece of tissue placed in the lid from a jam-jar. I'm wondering if I just leave him there he'll either recover or disintegrate! At least I'll know he's dead then!

He's just started to move his back leg.

For all I know he could be in agony or ecstasy. I'm going to leave him until I'm sure he's dead.. I may be sitting with this wasp next to me for days! If he was buzzing round my head I'd be a bit afraid of being stung. But right now, I just feel for him. That back leg is still waving at me.

What is the message for me here, I wonder?! It'll come to me.

I've just remembered... I've got either a bee or a wasp's nest in my allotment garden! I was pleased to see them nesting behind my shed, and that they felt they had a safe haven there - which they have. I heard recently that wasps are beneficial to the garden, eating other insects that might damage the fruit and veg. So, one way or another, I'm looking on this wasp as a beneficial 'sign'!

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Comment by Claire Gillen on October 23, 2010 at 12:44pm
How sweet of you Kate! Thanks for reminding me that insects get to choose too! Love ya :-)
Comment by Claire Gillen on October 18, 2010 at 11:07am
Thank you all for your lovely comments, sharing and information - I am bowled over by you all!!!

Kelly Martin: Doesn't sound at all strange to me and thank you so much for your interesting comments about the insect's consciousness and 'playing dead' etc. I too have 'brought insects back to life'(with Reiki) - I don't know why I didn't think to do it this time. Usually I do it when a fly or something falls in the washing up bowl. They often look totally dead but left to recover on a piece of tissue they dry out and eventually fly away!

Sandra, Renae and Josie, thanks for sharing your experiences too! Just to let you know that the wasp sat next to me all day long and wonder of wonders - when I checked him he suddenly looked 'perked up', literally, standing more upright rather than flopped down. I picked up the lid he was on to have a closer look and his wings moved! then he moved a bit more and I sensed he was okay. I put him outside on top of the soil of a window box plant. I watched him crawl up a stem and under a growing leaf. When I checked this morning he was not there. I hope he flew away!

IntentionCreates and Kelly Martin: My goodness - what a lot of info - thank you so much! There is a lot here that resonates with me and I thank you so much for the link and for taking the time to post it all here. I will take time to meditate on some of those questions and decide what I need to do to get more organised ... and progress my goals.... and just about everything else on the list! And I especially LOVE the idea of the wasp as a 'master architect' - fabulously positive!

You are all such beautiful souls and it's lovely to connect with you all here - thank you!
Comment by Kelly Martin on October 17, 2010 at 8:09am
Hi Claire, this might sound strange if you had the courage to place your hands over the jar you could lovingly assist him in coming back to full life or into the next life. I have done this on spiders many time when they were completely dead I would put my hands over them and within 5 minutes there legs began moving and they come back to life. Sometimes when creatures play dead there consciousness has stepped out of this reality and into the next, sometimes our own creative energy give them the inner energy to come back to life and realise the bodies not too bad after all :-)) or its just lovely to be with them as they pass on. Many a loving connection I have had when assisting.

Also here is a link on wasp medicine in case it is relevant for you xxx
Comment by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on October 17, 2010 at 7:39am
thanks for sharing your story Claire, I too would be scared once the wesp recovers that i'd be stung :)

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