The 100 Day Reality Challenge

That moment you realize that everything is going right, all that you need or want is coming into your life right when its suppose to be. Some call this luck, coincidence, or just plan chance, but I call this synchronicity or being in the vortex.

This whole week I have been focusing my attention on what I do want. Everything you can imagine has gone wrong and I just didn't let it phase me. I just allowed the Universe to do what it must in order for me to get what I need. I have been reading Abraham-Hicks's books especially Getting in the Vortex Meditation CD & User Guide and Money and the Law of Attraction which has helped me keep myself in a good vibrational state. I noticed that I'm getting discouraged or upset I will shift my thoughts with affirmations or a mini meditation session.

I grew up with this belief that you work hard and you get rewarded for it. Well, that was a disappointment when I got older and had my first daughter. I worked hard to maintain, but nothing in my power would've predicted that I would end up homeless and having to turn my kids over to CPS. But that didn't discourage me and I was introduced to The Secret! :)

Watching this video changed my whole belief system and helped me shift my perception of life. I managed to manifest so many things throughout the years, but for someone who has just learned about it may be saying. It's too hard, I am trying, or this person did that. Well, I'm not sorry for saying this, but ITS YOUR FAULT!

You cannot control other people, you can only control you!

I didn't want to believe this either. It was difficult for me to accept that everything that has happened to me was because I attracted them to me through my thoughts, conversations, what I did or didn't do, and who I was hanging around with. I worked hard to get my kids back and to them its like they never even left me for those 2 yrs. With our last episode of being homeless I saw hard proof that keeping your vibrations high and allowing the universe to flow what you need when you need it, everything will work out in the end. Legally we were homeless, but we always had food and a place to sleep thanks to my new found beliefs.

How can you shift your beliefs? It's simple just be happy! Focus only on the good and positive things in life. I managed to make $100 within 3 days just by working hard, focusing only on the good, and allowing the Universe to send it to me. Here are some easy steps to using the Law of Attraction and seeing your desires manifest.

steps for law of attraction


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