The 100 Day Reality Challenge


This is DAY 2.

Day 1 was a little bit stressful because unplanned things emerged.I realized I have this pattern of feeling stressful and it does not help me in accomplishing any deadlines or goals.

I stopped 2 times in the course of some tasks to do something else instead of "fighting" my way through them. The result was impressive! I found the things I needed to find and the answers I was looking for.

Do you know when you lose something and you keep looking for it and start feeling stressed or frustrated? Did this action ever worked? Most of times I get angry and annoyed, and that's it (haha).I tried the idea of looking for something else and finding the other object I was actually looking for, but the embracing thing has been working pretty much well! I've been looking at stuff I "don't like" and mentally or verbally saying "embrace it", as "accept what it is, not what you want it to be. And work with that". Imbued in this thought is the idea that we can handle whatever comes our way, if we get the matter OR the issue OR the marble to reveal the "angel inside", as Chris Widener says in his book The Angel Inside.

The thing is that we qualify everything as either good or bad and I've chosen to let this go. It is just a structure that makes us suffer. I do admit I have feelings of this is good or this is bad, but I feel accepting life as whole will make us happier. If we just keep looking for happiness as a constant state of "feeling good", we might end up giving up and giving in to fizzy drinks and white flour and cigarettes and even drugs when the "feel bad" happens.

I prefer to see emotion as feedback and work with both answers. If there's 2, they're there for a reason.

I'm quite discovering things like that, so it's not a final statement, it is a realization at the moment.

I also felt sad when my sister left some things for me to do which were not my responsibility. I also got VERY pissed off (oh oh). And as I tried to embrace it I thought "Anger is sticky and make us feel bad about ourselves and others when it does not give us strength to move forward as an energetic impulse. I was then able to send her love and feel better about her and me.

I choose to see everything as MARBLE. Let's see how it goes! And like I said before, if you see something be it judged as "good" or "bad", my advice is EMBRACE IT! \o/

Embrace it like this:

Or like this:


Let There Be Light or LTBT

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Comment by Let there be Light on June 30, 2014 at 11:41am

Hey Roos,

Tnx for the comment and your welcome!

I like the emotional guidance system they give on the film the secret and I'm learning to navigate it in acceptance rather than rejection.

Have a great day ;)

Comment by Roos on June 30, 2014 at 6:21am

Acceptance! Very important lesson indeed.

Thank you of this reminder. I really needed this :)

I agree emotions are a feedback to what is going on inside and outside. :)

Comment by Let there be Light on June 26, 2014 at 9:53pm

CalmWiiiiiinddddddd!!!!! So happy to see yoooouuuu!!! Are you doing any seasons??

*hug hug hug*


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