The 100 Day Reality Challenge

End of my season 3!! These are my improvements!!

Hello co-creators!!


This season was so awesome that is really interesting to see my improvements in different areas, wow, it is really amazing!!!

First of all I would say I came in this season asking for money! As many, this subject was of big concern to me after some expenses I had in the whole year, something I was not so convinced or happy to do it but well, I could say I spent lots of money!  So season 3 was more for money.


Instead of money this is what I achieve:


  1. I gave up school -  I was enrolled in a very exhausting and tired course of accounting that I thought it would lead me to get a job and position in Canada. I found myself very tired instead, sick, and with no hope to do a course for so many years and in an area i was not comfortable with.
  2. I thought to open my own business!! As Life Coach so I contacted my Director and I could finish it thanks to her support and understanding! Yesterday I got my diploma! I was so happy!!!  
  3. I discovered on line many tools to start and run my business - and bought others to get the idea of how to run a very profitable business, that was so enriching.. I'm still on my way but I can say I see my business as a dream. I did my logo, received some courses on line and I was happy to be in the flow!!
  4. I re-took an old project I had some years ago, and that I showed in my video of vision board! I have planned to do a designation in the area I enjoy, in a short period of time and get a great job in the area I studied. This has been so great for me to figure out!! Wow, I'm so happy! So i started to enroll in pages with professionals of that area and now I'm really motivated!!
  5. I got the acceptance of the Canadian government to get my citizenship!! Next July 14 I will be in the ceremony!! 
  6. I had the intention to be more organized, so I bought a system to track goals!
  7. I had always the support of my friends on the way, I met very interesting people in the Louise Hay group and outstanding feed back!
  8. I discovered alkaline water! and Food combining thanks to my Director's school Mackenzie Pearce, soo great advice and is helping me in my health issues.. I feel really much better.. my objective is to heal completely!
  9. I decided to stop an addictive relation with someone didn't gave value to my person and who was always far of me, now I get it very well!! I feel happy, thinking about future and create a great and deep love!


I didn't get the money of my intention LOL but I got much more than that, a better understanding of myself, a professional orientation, the tools to open my business and a better health!!


Life is Good!

Life is God!


July 15 is the beginning of my season 5!!!

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Comment by Sunny Side Up on July 16, 2011 at 12:04am
Lety you accomplished so much! Congratulations! I think a lot of us focus on money and don't get it, but get other things that we want even more. I am so glad that you started the Louise Hay group. It is my favorite for affirmations and raising my spirit.
Comment by LLightWorker on July 12, 2011 at 9:54pm
Thank you!!
Comment by SML on July 11, 2011 at 6:17am
Congratulatios, enjoy!! :)
Comment by Jill on July 11, 2011 at 1:13am
Awesome !

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