The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Reading my blog posts, it makes me sad that I've gone through such trying situations.

My life is so much better today. 

I have changed a lot of the negativity that had been happening in my life and while there is still room for improvement, all of the other things that were holding me back have had their season.

I had some intentions I was trying to meet for Season 11. I changed my intentions before I thought to copy them here, so this is what I remember posting:

1. Teach one etymology class per week.

2. Get mentorship to take my second test in ASL.

I had 3 other intentions that I cannot remember, but I can catch you up on some events and what happened with those two intentions.

I did end up teaching an Etymology class once per week and it was great although it didn't last long. The demand for the class wasn't high, and my few students dwindled down to none, but I did meet that goal.

I got mentorship to take the second ASL test, and while the mentorship was amazing, I still do not feel confident about taking the second exam, and I do not know if I want to continue to pursue fluency in ASL at all at this point. I still love it very much, but I feel that my career path is going in a completely different direction. I don't want to be an interpreter at this stage of my life, and while I think I would still like to teach ASL, I don't want to make a career out of that at this time or any point that I can see in the near future. I will probably revisit this at another time, but for now, it just isn't where my heart is. Getting really honest here.

I had to move from my previous home suddenly at the beginning of this year which was a shock to us. I did not properly follow up on a court date or payment plan after a hearing for eviction this past January and we had less than 3 weeks to leave which was horrible. I never had that happen before and it was really scary, but we found another place quickly and everything was soon fine.

I don't like the city I am in right now. I am not used to the amount of theft I have had to deal with and don't want to stay here another year. Also, I didn't want to move away from my oldest son, and it was a sad time, but I still took him to school every day and I got to share a lot of special times with him. I don't live that far away from him now, but he is planning to move to South Carolina with his dad when he turns 18 which is also sad for me. All I can do is show him as much love and support as I can and make sure he knows that I am here for him. My son is taking online classes for his last year, something he really wanted to do that he is doing very well now. I hope to see him graduate this year. 

My youngest's dad and I no longer live together, and moving caused that shift. It was actually because of that situation that the eviction ended up coming up because I was paying the rent and tried to make an agreement with him that didn't work out. Everything worked out for the best though. He is a great dad to Benjamin and does everything he can to help. I couldn't ask for more at this time.

My mother and I's relationship is still fractured and we do not speak. I prefer that at this time. 

So, I will leave my other updates for another post so that this one doesn't get too long.

Thank you for hanging in there with me :) 


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