The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well I have had a wonderful 100 days in Season 3!
My most significant manifestation was the blessing of meeting an acupuncturist that traded treatment time for Reiki treatments. We have reduced my thyroid medication by half! On the road to abundant health!
I have also had major "shifts." I am much calmer, kinder, joyful, & happy person. The love I feel inside is naturally overflowing to all I meet. I also feel more of a connectedness with others. I am listening more closely to what they are saying. Intently listening. I want the best for all. I guess the best way to explain it - is I want to be everyone's Mother. You know, want the best for them, desire for them to use their talents, fuss at them when they mess up, but forgive them and love them anyway - just as they are.
I am looking forward to season 4! See you at the starting line!

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Comment by Seisrush Ob on August 7, 2009 at 5:53am
That rocks about the reduction of the meds-always a good thing! Congrats on everything!

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