The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Oh my God!...Just realized my season 1 ends today!!

And as I look back at the goals I set for myself..

although I didn't consciously use all the tools I had intended to use..

Miraculously enough..

I have travelled a good distance towards achieving almost all of the goals I set for myself!

As I look back at every little set back that came during these 100 days..

there has been a blessing in disguise..

I only had to look for it!

As each member of the family fell sick..

and the sickness just dragged on for weeks and weeks..

and I kept asking myself.."why?"..

Today I realize it was a big wake up call for the entire family..

To reduce the amount of stress we adults were putting ourselves through..

and as a result..the amount of pressure and stress that was being passed on to the kids!

So I thank the universe for showing us the path..

although it was a difficult lesson to learn :)

My relationship with my husband has dramatically improved...although this was not part of the plan :))There is so much more understanding and appreciation..and definitely more patience!

I guess this is a direct reflection of the shifts that I have made inside..there is so much more self appreciation and self acceptance!

My relationship with my kids has definitely improved.. less yelling and temper tantrums around the house..more bonding and playful times spent together. has been a eventful and wonderful season 1..full of learning and some really amazing shifts.

I am deeply grateful to all my friends for your kind and supporting words..during these 100 days.

Thanks for reading..

Much Love and blessings.

Jouful Spirit.

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Comment by Crystal on November 19, 2010 at 2:15am
Thankyou michfor stopping by!'s so true what you said..the improvements I can see in my relationships are truly precious..and many congratulations to you for successfuly completing your 100 days!! So happy for you..
Prince DavidThanks for your encouraging words..yes I am looking forward to a second season now!!
Blossoming BeautyThankyou for stopping your energy!!!
Happy cocreating..everyone!!
Comment by mich on November 18, 2010 at 12:28am
Wow... Congratulations. I love how your first season end... successful and with a twist. lol...
Happy cocreating.....
Comment by Shaman Kanowa on November 17, 2010 at 1:15pm
Wow congratulations! It is amazing how quickly time can pass, isn't it! I am glad you had such a positive season, now I know your second will be even better!
Comment by Blossoming Beauty on November 17, 2010 at 10:39am
Congrats on completing Season1!!! whooowhooo!!!!! Love hearing how the relationships are improving too...has to be part of the whole self love thing like you said...hmmm something else to ponder on.
THANK YOU for sharing.

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