The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Ending Season 1 early to Start Season 2 tomorrow.

Since tomorrow is December 1st and it's the new, official season for the 100 day challenge, I thought I would end my season 1 early and begin my season 2 with everyone else. It's just what I needed anyway.

Today is day 74. For the first 30 days I did well but then I lost my way. I wasn't taking the time to do the processes that would be beneficial to me. Then I got caught up with all the negative things I was attracting and started to dwell on them until I became depressed. I was up and down and all around and not deliberately creating.

I was reading the questions in the back of Think and Grow Rich and it was a wake up call. It showed me that my dominant thoughts were attracting all the wrong things. I guess I already knew that but I was wallowing in self pity to see anything and needed a slap to get out of it. Those questions were exactly the slap I needed.

Today I was deliberately creating again and had an emotionally great day, I went to work without having a fit and NO anxiety attack. Which is HUGE! Only Friday gone I was panicking walking to work. When I got to work, I was such an emotional mess that the boss sent me home right away because he thought I was worrying over a sickness in the family that happened earlier in the week. I let him believe that because how could I tell him what was really going on with me?

Since I had the 3 days off from work, I told myself that I'm going to figure this out and try to get myself back to a normal state of mind. That is just what I did. I know that when you think one thought, other like thoughts will come to you. That is how I became so depressed. I just dwell on the negative thoughts until I was having anxiety attack at work. I took the weekend and did the opposite, I thought one positive thought and just focus on that until it grew and I started to feel better. I did a lot work on how I feel. Last night, I picture the negativity being washed out of the office with water and then love covering every inch of it, and who ever enters will be filled with love, respect and kindness. This morning, I visualized the path I take to work being covered with love. Can you believe it, I went to work this morning without any nagging feeling in my stomach? I was happy going to work. When I got there, I was calm and happy. I kept my positive thoughts up and I had a wonderful day at work. NO ANXIETY! Plus, I got along just great with L.

Now that I am starting to get back on track, I thought I would start over and forget those bad days. This is my goodbye to Season 1 of the 100 Day Challenge and tomorrow will start my Day 1 of Season 2. I hope this Season turns out better than the last. I'm looking forward to being happy again.

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Comment by Vanieta on December 2, 2009 at 9:38am
Thank you :) It is so easy to give into your current feeling and harder to reach for a better feeling. That is something I am working on every moment of the day because I see what giving into the negative feeling does. When I picture the water washing everything, I see it comes out real black and dirty. Then I see the love, kindness and respect covering every inch of the place. Right when I finish that I feel better right away.
Comment by Claudia on December 2, 2009 at 8:47am
What fantastic news! So glad to hear that you are feeling better - isn't it wonderful that when we ask we receive the perfect help and support. What a loving Universe!
I like your visualisation - I think I'll try that out for my workplace.

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