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"energy surges" lightbulbs popping, etc...

Well, I know some of you have been experiencing "power surges" within your body. Lightbulbs burning out as soon as you flick the switch, computer malfunctions, microwaves short circuiting, etc... Well, I have emailed a friend of a friend: the Unity minister named Kyra Baehr. "Kyra Baehr is a Unity minister with diverse interests in spiritual and metaphysical interpretations of life, esoteric teachings, transformational leadership and mystical experiences. She pioneered Unity of Divine Love in 2000 and continues to build a spiritual center known for its loving acceptance and spiritual community of lightworkers, leaders and ministers all powerfully fulfilling a call to enlightenment. Kyra's goal is to reflect to everyone their true Divine nature and invite them into the remembrance of who they truly are as powerful Creators. She follows a path of joy and has a delightful and infectious enthusiasm for life! Rev. Kyra Baehr Unity of Divine Love 325 N. Austin Drive, Ste. 4 Chandler, AZ 85226 480-792-1800," quote from blog talk radio.

And following is a description of "power surges." My initial question was why am I feeling such dramatic highs and lows, and at times some of them last longer than others. Her answer follows.

Hi Karla, Great conversation to have. My musings would be that as you 'amp' up your vibrational field - and especially when you pass through dimensional shifts, you are experiencing the imbalance of having one foot in each world so to speak. It creates the extremes of emotions and a sense of instability until you get 'grounded' in the higher frequency or energetic matrix.
You are also releasing energetic/emotional blockages that no longer serve you in the new higher realm. They must be cleared and we literally feel our way through them. The great 'highs' of that time are because it feels so good when you release the energies that kept you in limitation, lack or less aware of your wholeness.

The reason some of the emotional swings are longer is because as we've continued to allow more and more light, it is dredging deeper and deeper into the depths of what needs to be released and healed within us. It is like taking warm water to a pan that has dried gunk sitting in the bottom of it -- it takes longer and must wash through longer to soften and release the grunge at the bottom than the less hardened top layers. We are allowing more to be released emotionally.

Also, the more of us as healers and lightworkers that have done our own internal work to heal open up deeper, we also become vessels to transmute the energy patterns of our lineage and of the collective consciousness. We may be processing the emotions of our ancestors or the lineage of women that have experienced what we are accessing, or even what anyone who has ever felt this feeling. The 'high' of having freedom from that 'pain body' as Eckhart Tolle would call it, creates an even greater high until we run up against the next snag in our consciousness that is ready to be cleared.

It seems to me when we increase our energetics and our ability to be more translucent/transparent for the flow of light, it is almost like 'power surges' rather than a steady flow as it is 'breaking through' the old constructs of emotional or thought energy. Even physically, we have the surges of energy when it pops through a previously unreleased area of the body. When we stabilize, we become resonant with the new higher frequency and don't have the same effect on the lightbulbs, etc.

I honor all the tools all of you are using and your commitment to co-create a new reality. The power of your intentions are generating a great response. When people tell me they are experiencing the kinds of swings and electrical impulses, etc. that all of you are experiencing, I say 'ALLELUIA! because it means the power of your intentions and your practices are clearing the decks for you to truly co-create the life you dream. It just means anything in your way within your own being will show up to be cleared to support you in truly accessing the consciousness out of which your creation is then inevitable.

Please listen within your own heart and soul to see if any of this resonates as true for you. I can only respond from my own experience and inner knowing, but we each get the great gift of determining if it is true for us.

I'd love to know if this makes sense for you all when you discuss it!
Blessings of Love and Peace, Kyra

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Comment by Seisrush Ob on August 15, 2009 at 3:03am
I've had the same phenomena happen, its usually when I am in a very highly emotional state or my mind it working at a literal lightning pace. On one especially emotional trip to work I put out about 7 streetlights along my hour drive to work.

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