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Hello Co-creators,

I am beginning to show major signs of stress..

I have noticed that whenever I try to actively co-create anything with the guy I am seeing he does something to cause me to lose the entire positive energy for the thing that I had originally wanted to manifest.

For example:

My dad gave me a car. I had the car for several years and loved it because it didn't cost me anything.
Within two weeks of him driving it he wrecked it and caused me to be sued for $18,000 because he lied about it really being HIM that caused the accident. So that not being the worst part. Then I had to ASAP buy another vehicle which put us behind on the rent and electric. One small step backward had turned into forty more. At this point I had started to feel like he was irresponsible and somewhat of an energy JINX. My question is could a person really try to ruin another person's life like this? I am trying to think not but now I am beginning to wonder.

Not having a lot of work experience he envied me where I worked because I had been with the company for over 3 years and he began to harp on it, so I got him a job there too. Within four months I found a girl's name tag in my car, I found CD's and movies and stuff that he didn't have the money to buy because we were both in between paychecks.

When the shock and total fear hit me about all of his secrets I reached a breakthrough this week that he is never going to try to create anything positive with me. It hurts to know that this is where it HAS to end. Any success in my life I have done all on my own, I like that and don't owe anything to anyone but he is going to have to find his own way the same way that I did because I cannot help him or try to "save" him anymore. Year after year this happens again and again. When I get us out of something he turns right around and gets us into something else.

So yesterday, he was late and I was in terror that he had wrecked another car. He was over an hour late. After quitting my job due to being in so much pain in my spine from unloading two semi tractor trailers every day at work he tells me blankly that he was caught stealing but he really didn't do it. (WTF?) I found the stuff all over the car and house that he couldn't have paid for. What's worse is it is nearing Christmas so we won't even have time for me to go back to work in time to buy my daughter a Christmas present unless it is something small. I have tried to make it work with him but he stiffles my sense of purpose and moving forward that I try to make, because if I save and this and that it is like he is invisably doing a mojo to undo all of my work to cause me to have to spend twice as much as I get saved. What is this called? Relationship Sabatoge? Co-creating Sabatoge?

I have always been superb at manifesting. Now it seems that he is blocking all of my positive work.

I had to drive over an hour away to my old job and almost beg for my job back and someone has already been placed into my spot so I am so beyond angry that I could completely explode. She said she would see what she could do but I would have to be on third shift from 10PM to 7AM and would have to drive 1 hour there and 1 hour home every day. The tension is so high right now. I don't like it, and I feel so embarrassed over him dragging me down with him like this.

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Comment by Kelli-Michelle on November 26, 2008 at 10:33am
Oh Eva...I too was with somebody who in the beginning was able to do that to me , I gave up my job, my flat..lost my car!!! had no money of my own and any that I did have went!!! then I remembered that I was infact in control..not him at all! I concentrated and believed that I had all the things I wanted and more! I did it all the time that I could.He began to notice a change in me and went angainst everything. He told people I was part of some cult, just because I joined this site!!!. I HAD TO JUST LAUGH IN THE END!. I knew and I know how powerful we are at creating. since then my life has changed so wonderfully and quickly that I know I created it. i also know that I am also being helped..I only have to ask!. That relationship ended as what I was creating was so different to what he was!.What I was manifesting as a relationship was not us, even though I thought it was.If that makes sence!.I learnt so much from that experience about manifesting.I hope you feel better soon x
Comment by msscience on November 22, 2008 at 2:19pm
This is devastating news. I'm so sorry. Distance yourself if possible from him. It's NOT YOU. It's him.
And in order for you to function he needs to go. You probably already know this, and just probably what you obviously are coming to realize by writing this out for all to acknowledge and assure you that whatever you two wanted is not working. From what I'm reading it you don't need this kind of burden!
Comment by Eric on November 22, 2008 at 1:09am
Eva, I agree with Terry that you are growing. And I first should say that I am not perfect like anyone else, but I am also never short of an opinion, especially when questions are posed. So, here it goes. You are an adult, so you can make decisions to take your life in any direction -- positive or negative -- that you choose. Here's the have a daughter. That's a sensitive subject for me, admittedly. But you have written that your partner is a liar, jealous, and deceptive. It is who you have chosen to represent males to your daughter in this way. I say this not to hurt, but to point out that the best present for your daughter may just be seeing a happy mom. Your life is yours to co-create. I have learned that one may not simply intend, but one must act when appropriate. We all have decisions to make...some are just harder than others. Courage!

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