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So, Ive recently purchased a new book (Im forever buying books on all sorts of subjects, so this is nothing special!!). It was Rhonda Byrne's new book "The Magic". I was actually expecting it to be a bit more, but it is still a good book. It's filled with a different exercise to do each day. The focus is gratitude - which is the fastest way to positively engage with the law of attraction.


I am enjoying it so far. I am on day 11 already and today I had a wonderful day!! The exercise today was to sprinkle "magic dust" over anyone I came in contact with who I was grateful for or provided a service for me. I did this with all my colleagues at work (I actually did this for my entire office because I am grateful for my job!!) and the encounters I had with ppl today were nothing but positive and uplifting. One of my colleagues randomly came up to me today and just thanked me for being such an amazing person, so that was lovely and appreciated!!


Tomorrow's exercise is called "Magical Morning" and the jist of it is to just be thankful from the moment I open my eyes in the morning until I am finished getting ready - to be grateful for eveyrthing I touch, the water/coffee I drink, the warm shower I bathe in, the clothes I wear, the food I eat, etc. Just to really supercharge my gratitude for the day. As it is my Friday tomorrow, it seems like a great way to finish off the week.


So, that's where I'm at. Hope everyone has a magical day tomorrow!!!



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