The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It is a beautiful day and I have been out and about running errands.

I wanted to stop in to the art supply store and buy painting supplies but I realized that that would take some time that I don' t have so I put it off again. My intention is to do a painting that I actually display in my room. I love flowers and I used to love painting flowers when I was a child... I know I will still love it.

The other thing I want to do is to buy some kind of "learn to sing" program. I do actually sing and people have told me many times that I have a nice singing voice, but it is totally unrefined at this point and has several weak points. I will look into that at some point today as this is something I enjoy. I went to a local karaoke place last night and had a good time watching my friends sing. One of them (my son's father, actually) is really good. He sang a Led Zeppelin song last night but usually sings Emminem. He is definitely Invited to join my karaoke posse when we start hitting the spots all over the tri-state area.

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