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Today, the last day of 2009 some things changed for me.........

Today I learned that my friend is getting divorced. What looked like a perfect marriage is soon going to be dissolved. Love went away. Money problems appeared.

Today I also learned that my old flame, the greatest love of my life ( so far) is getting married. P. used to be very eccentric, anarchist, and a rolling stone, very independent...we argued a lot about getting married and having children... he never wanted to get married or have children with me. I was really unhappy.

Three years passed and here he is, getting married. This is the last person on the Planet Earth that I would imagine to get married! What happened? He changed a lot! I wish him all the best! I wish him a lot of love and happiness.

On one hand, I feel devastated. Why? Because I had a subconscious feeling that it would be me. And because he was able to fall in love. And because he was able to find a soulmate. I have not been.

On the other hand, I feel optimistic, because if he was able to fall in love and get engaged, then I wil be able to do it, too. I have never been an anti-marriage person.

I really want to meet the love of my life. I really want to fall in love.

Life is a process, as one of the Co-creators wrote today, everything changes, quite unexpected things happen.
One piece of us dies, and another is born, I guess Alexandra the girlfriend of P. died forever, it is a new start, a new beginning, a new birth!

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Comment by Chris on December 31, 2009 at 11:24am
But just remember that whoever is not matching your vibration right now CAN'T be with you. It's impossible. This is great news when you realize that you can invoke the feeling and vibration of happiness at any moment in your life with nothing but a thought. Choose your highest vibrations and you will attract others with the same vibration. It MUST be this way.

Happy new year!!!!!
Comment by Trish on December 30, 2009 at 9:51pm
Go over to The Conscious Media Network and see the video. Your soulmate may already be in your life, but not in the way that you think.
Comment by Maggie May on December 30, 2009 at 9:09pm
Hey! I came across your page and know exactly how you feel. My ex got engaged this summer. We were engaged before that and I always thought he'd be back. You'll find peace without him and be happy that it didn't work out one day. This is a wonderful place to help with that too. I stumbled upon it when I was going through my break up two years ago. It's done wonders for me. It hurts to know it's over over, but it's also a relief in that his chapter is closed and you can move on with your life and not worry a thing about him. Only good things will happen without him. :)

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