The 100 Day Reality Challenge


It took a shift in my mindset, beliefs, habits, and courage to finally understand all that I've been trying to learn with my life. People grow and evolve. But I have to overcome my own fears in order to realize the mistakes I've been making. Most of my setbacks was thinking about not having enough. Especially money. Now I'm focusing on what makes me happy career wise. I'm not going to focus on just reviews and giveaways anymore or making money. I'm just going to do what I love and that's meeting new people, sharing high quality products, and help people with an awesome business opportunity. Scentsy is my business and I will discuss it a lot. I love the products and its the first company that I have stuck with and worked hard at. I've tried tons of companies and I come to realize that there are a few scams, but most companies have the same compensation plan structure and they all take a lot of hard work to build. *I am an independent  scentsy consultant and I will be compensated if any purchases are made through links provided.

I had a moment of doubt with this blog, but then I realized I lost passion and my bliss. 

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