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well, i manifested it in four days! i just looked back through my journal and found where i had written down that i wanted this particular customer to pay for her order and she paid! she's been putting it off for a month and i just decided to not hound her about it, but to write it down in my journal and there ya go.... :)

so what next??? well, hubby wants to go back to school and take the 3 mo police academy in jan. he can get it all done in 3 mo's if he goes full time. problem is...when would he work??? he can do 3 night shifts over the weekend and go to school m-f and be done in 12 weeks.'s my BIG intention (just watched kimberly coventry's $4000 video).....

i WANT $6500 by the end of november 2010 so that we can pay bills for the 12 weeks hubby will be in the academy. it will come, i know it will. we are both focused. i'm asking and letting go and i have total FAITH AND TRUST that we will be taken care of. there it is and so it will be!

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Comment by Finally Famous, No Ceilings on September 19, 2010 at 12:01pm
and so it is!!! I second and agree with you.
Comment by David on September 19, 2010 at 8:52am
Love that you manifested what your customer owed you. I recall in one of Catherine Ponders books a story how she said instead of worrying or going after the customer to pay she kept blessing the person and was paid. I think I am beginning to see that we just need to feel good about a situation and it will resolve itself. It is when we have bad feelings that creates the undesireable outcome. I see you with your desired results because you have the "right" attitude about it. : o )

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