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Extra Money? Become an Amazon Affiliate

Hi co-creators. I know some of you are posting blogs about my book as you are finishing it and want to share the news...well... did you hear of the Amazon Affiliate Program. This helps us to get a commission on any book we refer to in our blogs and websites. So if you are sharing with someone a book, mine for instance, you want to get a percentage of the sale being made...:)


1. Register:
2. You will get your unique Associates ID (save that information!)
3. Enter your payment information to receive your commissions
4. Click on 'Get started now' orange button
5. Click the link : build links and banner (right hand side of the page)
6. Click on the image of "Product link"
7. in search box the enter 'I lost my job and i liked it' for instance
8. click on Get link button
9. Chose whether you want a link or small banner format
10. Copy the code in section 3
11.Paste in inside your blog or website to receive commissions everytime someone buys it!!
12. login to verify if your sales

let me know if you have questions.


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Comment by Vibe Williams on May 30, 2009 at 7:49pm
Can I use this on Facebook and MySpace?

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