The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It seems that this week was not the week to start my challenge.

I kind of knew this going in to the week but hoped the challenge would help my focus.

I did spend the weekend clearing the decks and my kitchen is now super organised as is my office and all of the other things I wanted to tackle however this week and next I have a lot on my plate and I don't have the time to dedicate to doing this everyday and I know that's what is best for me.

So the plan is to delay the start a few more days or perhaps even a week until I have the time to dedicate to it because I know the power of immersing myself in this.

A couple of days ago I bought the kindle version of "A Year of LIving Consciously" by Gay Henricks and have been completing the practice for each day and plan to continue this throughout the challenge as well.

Yesterdays practice was around appreciation, I was asked to let someone know how much I appreciate them.

I knew straight away it had to be Dave.

Dave moved an hour away from his work so we can live together.

This means he is up an hour earlier, drives an hour then comes home in peak hour.

Its knocking him around physically although he would never say it I can see how tired he is.

I spent time going through our text messages yesterday (there are a LOT of them) and found his very first text to me asking me out to coffee and I took a photo of it and sent it to him along with a message letting him know how much I appreciate the sacrifices he is making so we can be together.

His response was that it was all well worth it :-)

He really is the most wonderful man.

Yesterday I received a new shipment of my books and everyone was so supportive on Facebook when I posted the pic (box of books).

I've also started to promote my next live event coming up in March and I can't wait to see this start to fill up. It's felt way too long between events!!

Summer is well and truly here in Australia, 41 degrees again today!

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