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So here I am on the eve of my 38th day - and really the time has tipped me into day 39 as it is after midnight. I sit here in the dark sipping my senna tea as I now bid farewell to food for (hopefully) 40 wonderful days! I know how scary and extreme that can sound but I also know how glorious the benefits to be had. I have never endeavored to do a cleanse before. I have done two sample days, separately, testing out the length of the effects of the saltwater flush and tasting a days worth of lemonades. Neither sample day has deterred me from my goal.

I fully realize that I may not have yet developed the tolerance to last the entire length of my goal but I am going into this period of cleansing with the complete belief that I can master my challenge and I will succeed at my goal. I have fantastic support, as my husband and my mother are both joining me on this challenge.

I have done much research and I believe that I have gained the knowledge and tools to be successful. I have had time to mentally prepare and I am going to rely on my inner strength and the universe, two very powerful forces, to see me through to the end.

It is my intention to chronicle my experience here and I truly appreciate any and all support from this community. There is strength in numbers and it really helps to know that I have a cheering squad right here to rely on.

The time of year in and of itself presents its own challenge but again I am choosing to see that in the most positive a nice, big headstart to those New Years Resolutions we all love to set up and default on. I feel that by side-stepping the actual New Year, I am also side-stepping the dreaded feeling of having to change or improve myself, a trap I feel many of us fall into.

So...farewell to food and hello to the cleansing of my mind, body and spirit!

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