The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My Next Month of intentions

health & fitness

~ my beach body focus will be 5-6 insanity workouts a week

~ my running focus run 40 -50 km a week

~ my healthy nutritiion focus 3 day shakeology cleanse

~ I intend to shed 6 pounds easily and effortlessly by eating right and feeling great and keeping my body active each and every day.

~ h20 drink 4 double glasses or more a day

~ the first 4 weeks of daniel plan

Personal development

listen or read personal development material 15 min a day 4 or more times a week


postcards ~ send my 5 postcards this month and more if they get received

scrapbook ~ start my 2012 scrapbook with my friends

romantic night ~ celebrate our love Valentine's or close to it


bring in some games for C.

read 15 min a week or more on my specific area of career

model the models in my career

ask for feed back

Dreams and goals

Book my running cruise with my boys

sign up for my May long weekend 1/2 marathon


balance my ck book 

spend less and save more is my motto


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