The 100 Day Reality Challenge

sunrise from 500 east

I welcome change and rejoice in new adventures. I put my best foot forward. I look great and feel great and radiate these good feelings out into the world. I am ready for Life and I know Life loves me.

I have the Louise Hay Yearly Affirmation calendar and I'm so grateful that I manifested this at the M&S workshop last month - it's really helps reading a positive affirmation every day, it helps to call/text people when you need a boost of positive energy, it helps to understand that the naysayers adds to the movement of the dream and it helps to always see/feel the BIG PICTURE!

I woke up this morning at dawn - snapped this picture because i want to always remember this wonderful view from my east village apartment. Then I fell back asleep and slept until 10:30! It was really hard for me to get out of bed because of all of the work I need to do in the next few weeks. However, just before I fell back asleep - I texted two friends that I was having a little bit of a freak about the upcoming changes in my life. So when I woke up, I had two amazing texts: "Yes, you are." and "Deep breathing...the Universe supports u and ur choices...all is well"

Getting those texts helped me shift my vibrational energy back into alignment with my Magic Passion Love.

The next few weeks are going to be opportunities for me to understand the importance of staying aligned with my personal energy source ... and trust that the sun will always rise no matter where I'm sleeping. I'll always have a wonderful view if I choose to see it.


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