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Feel Good - Astrological Perspective Shifting

As we all know its a new year :D Not that we need an excuse to shift ourselves forward, redefining ourselves and becoming our greatest versions is always something that happens in the now. I am offering consultations in aid of providing a service where people can release undealt with emotions in order to liberate and free up space to allow more of what we want to become and be into our experience. I am also now taking Astrology readings be it a Skype session explaining your up coming transits of moving planets setting the themes and modes of your current phase of life or a fully mapped out birth chart reading that I will take the time and create with full art and explanation that I will send you via the mail along with video or skype session explaining in grand detail. Skype sessions and consultations £33 or $50 an hour and full birth chart reading with video or skype are at £100 or $150. Message me if you have any further questions, interest appreciated. <3 Namaste :)

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