The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Feel The Fear and Do It Again and Again and Again and well....infinitely.

Day One, January 1st. Starts well, 20 minute meditation, cat joins me (always a good sign that I am receptive to the world). Crack open Abraham-Hicks book Ask and It Shall Be Given. Realise where I am going wrong....Need to slow down, concentrate on the good emotions, take more time and to savour the good moments not to dwell on what didn't work.

Whilst I was meditating I realised I had forgotten to ask the Universe for more radio work. In 2008 I gave two live radio interviews which I LOVED even though I can never sleep the night before and the fear is equivalent to a bungy jump, the buzz from live radio and pushing myself, feeling the fear and doing it anyway and finding that the bungy jump turns into a magnificent flight was just terrific. I want more of this please Universe, you know it's mine.

I have put out a suggestion that all of us co-creators participate in a joint meditation next Monday 19th January at 19.00 UK time to get the collective power working in our favour. I will be lighting a candle and thinking of you all, PLEASE JOIN ME!

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