The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am just so happy today because I am realizing that there are areas in my life being improved that are very important and very dramatic!

First, my attitude toward my math class has totally changed. I am loving it, and I am really understanding it, and I am helping other people! The only thing that I don't like is that some of that side drama has overwhelmed my energy so I have been procrastinating on my home work, but I think I can catch up quickly and that everything will be just fine.

I have never felt this way about class before, and I strongly contribute it to my memory work, PhotoReading, and my new perspective on my life!

Another area where there is MUCH improvement is with my relationships. Wow, I am making more female friends, something that seemed impossible for me in the past, and my relationship with my BOYFRIEND! is doing wonderfully as well! That's right, I am able to put a real label on him because I am living completely within my open heart and I am acknowledging how he is treating me, how I feel, and my enjoyment for life in that moment.

Yet another area is religious. I converted to Islam when I turned 23 years old, and it has been a long and slow road in adopting habits and rituals because I felt like I was still growing into them. I am seeing that my life and my path and purpose are so pious and I am so grateful, and I have decided to take on prayer and Ramadan to match it just because I believe I truly am living and walking in the right direction as a Muslim. I was unsure before, and while I am still imperfect (I have sex out of wedlock which is frowned upon), I believe I am truly doing so much better. I believe that being an example myself is working out very well, because I am there for people, and I am truly taking what I believe to heart by walking it. By living it! I won't judge others in their actions, but I know that when my sisters look at me and describe me as a Muslim, I am confident, I am not hiding who I am or trying to cover up things I've done by trying to use God's words to justify my destructive desires, I am being true to it, and admitting my imperfections. I love myself, and I am so grateful for God in my life!

I am really working to find out what satisfaction really is without stripping myself of growth, and adopting the destructive thought process that poverty is good. I cannot create a community and world that loves one another if I do not have the resources to produce that end. I am asking the Universe to help me attract answers to my questions on satisfaction.

Much Love,

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