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I am taking a little break from aggressively pursuing my other goals to declutter and reorganize my personal space. What I am looking for is massive improvement in the amount of beneficial energy that is coming into my life. I must have gained so much clarity recently compared to before because for some reason I am able to let go of tons of junk, optimistic that I will not miss it or that I will be replacing it with a much upgraded more functional version. I have already sent someone to the dump today and I will have a big load of things for charity by the end of the night. The next step is for my to declutter my bedroom, clothes, toiletries, and other personal items.

Right now I am going to change into my sneakers and sweat suit, set my timer for 30 minutes and and go at the decluttering of my room like it were a great game. It is a thirty minute window of magic that I am given the ability to transform energy in my life, and what I accomplish will be far more beneficial than I can imagine. I will listen to Abraham recordings with my subliminal messages in the background and I will get let go of everything that for whatever reason has a lower vibration than what will serve me. I can replace all these things with something better really soon and I will. For now I am going to focus on the money and fame and reputation sections of the

Here are some fly lady tips for decluttering:

  1. Decluttering Equipment: You will need garbage bags, boxes, magic markers, and a dust rag. Label the boxes "Give Away", "Throw Away", and "Put Away". Line the "Throw Away" box with a plastic garbage

  2. Set your timer: for 1 hour (or 30, 15, or 10 minutes - it does't matter how long). Just do the job as fast as you can and do not pull out more stuff than you can put away in that length of time.
    This means just one drawer, one closet (or even one shelf in one
    closet), one magazine rack, or digging under just the furniture in the
    zone. Not all of them at once!

  3. Start at the entrance to the room: Then, work your way around the room clockwise. Do not skip a spot. Whatever happens to be next, just do it.

  4. Declutter Away! With boxes at your feet and dust rag in your waistband, start off by cleaning out and getting rid of the things that do not belong in this room. Put garbage in the "Throw Away" box,
    donations in the "Give Away" box, and stuff that goes somewhere else in
    the "Put Away" box. Don't worry that you do not have a place for
    everything right now. By the time you finish you will. That's a promise
    from FlyLady!

  5. What to declutter? Things to ask yourself as you get rid of your clutter:
    • Do I love this item?
    • Have I used it in the past year?
    • Is it really garbage?
    • Do I have another one that is better?
    • Should I really keep two?
    • Does it have sentimental value that causes me to love it?
    • Or does it give me guilt and make me sad when I see the item?

    Cleanse this room of everything that does not make you SMILE.

  6. Sing this song: "Please release me, let me go" as sung from the stuff's point of view. It needs to be loved by someone and if you don't love it - GET RID OF IT!

  7. Get rid of the garbage! When the "Throw Away" box gets full, pull out the garbage bag, close it, and put it in the trash can, the pickup truck, or wherever you keep your garbage. Put a new garbage
    bag in the "Throw Away" box and keep on Flying until the timer goes off.

  8. Donations: When the "Give Away" box gets full, seal it off, and put it in your car. The next time you are out, you can donate to the area thrift shop. Do not save your clutter for a yard or garage
    sale, you will be blessed by giving it away. The value can be deducted
    on your income tax. Remember you are trying to get rid of clutter - not
    relocate it somewhere else in your home. Now, grab another box, label it
    "Give Away", and get back to work.

  9. "Put Away" Stuff: When the "Put Away" box gets full, take the box in your arms and run around the house (good thing you have shoes on - right?) and put the items in the room where they belong. If
    they have a place, put them there, if not put them in the room where
    they logically belong. By the time you have finished you will have a
    place for everything and everything will be in it's place.

  10. Timer Goes Off: When the timer goes off, you have to put away all the boxes, but first you have to empty them all. Go as fast as you can.

The result of this is that I am going to be intensely gratified when I realize that I finally made room for all the good energy I have been attracting. Suddenly the manifestation of everything I have been wanting is right in front of me.

Note to self: I am more overwhelmed and drained of energy than I expected when I entered my room. One thing I noticed is that my energy just went woosh, out the window when I looked at my jewlry and cds to manage. This is going to require some courage, some umph, and some inspiration.... but it will happen tonight.

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Comment by Habibti Habibi on September 14, 2010 at 6:05am
Hi Elaine, thanks for this post, brilliant, I needed to hear this. so i'm going to get on it right now, you make it sound so eassssy!
Peace, love and blessings!
Comment by Elaine on September 14, 2010 at 1:25am
It seems that I wasn't adequately inspired tonight. I did make progress but it was uphill all the way.

Very much unlike the night I decluttered my kitchen. I was inspired and kept going for hours until things were transformed.

Tonight I made progress, I am sure I moved some energy but it was the hard way, rather than the pure joyous inspired way.

Nonetheless, my inspiration will be there when i need it. For tonight, I am just going to spend five minutes putting things back now and consider it a step in the right direction.

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