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FIFA COINS Argentina team to play China at the September tournament subject race played out

At present, FIFA COINS Argentina early warning identified in Portugal teams in friendlies. And then they will be in New York and San Jose against the United States and Costa Rica. Since then, Argentina team in August and has been with Germany, Romania squad for friendlies. Entered in September, Argentina team will begin their tour of Asia, September 2 in India, in China on September 6 for two games, however, Argentina did not disclose the opponents of China tour. However, even Argentina team intends to play against China, which it is very difficult to achieve. According to Brazil's World Cup qualifying race, once a smooth win in the qualifying rounds of the Chinese team will not participate in the second round in July, and directly into the final 20 and September 2 and 6th had a chance for the World Cup qualifier match of the day. Therefore, the national soccer team will be very difficult to have the opportunity of Argentina team clash but, even so, Argentina still wants China's Olympic team or other Chinese clubs for confrontation. Also, does not rule out Argentina will travel to China and Hong Kong team in the race.

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