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Finally! Mastermind group decoded.

If you are interested in the original mastermind concept of the law of success, you can put it in action. I am interested also in the mastermind and will be nurturing a team for this. 

What is a Mastermind?
“A mind that is developed through the harmonious co-operation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task... Outstanding successes often appear to be the handiwork of but one person, but search closely and the other individuals whose minds have been coordinated with his own may be found. Remember that two or more persons may operate the principle of mind chemistry so as to create a "Master Mind." “The Law of Success”, Lesson 1, Page 30 & 76.

The word mastermind describes the synergies that can be created when several human minds unite to work towards a common specific goal, where the whole in terms of mental power represents more than the sum of its parts. The whole is viewed as an invisible, additional force called the mastermind.

The characteristics of a mastermind group generally are:
--The members meet regularly, and the presence of each member is obligatory (in person or remotely)
--The meeting frequency is typically monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly
--The meetings (sessions) can be in person or virtual (phone, internet)
--The MMG doesn’t need to have one common purpose
--The purpose can be to support each member in reaching his or her personal goals
--In each session each member receives a time slot for presenting his or her current state
--All other members can comment on what was related by the member in the slot
--The one member can be asked questions and guided to a solution of issues at hand
--Other members can offer support and resources beyond the scope of the session
--Each member commits to actions to be carried out until the next session
--The members keep each other accountable
--The members not only talk about tangible aspects, but also about e.g. mindsets
--The task of each member is to learn, and to give and receive support
--Personal development is a declared expected benefit
Here is my commitment as an organizer of this mastermind group:
“The leader who successfully develops and directs the energies of a "Master Mind" must possess tact, patience, persistence, self-confidence, intimate knowledge of mind chemistry and the ability to adapt himself (in a state of perfect poise and harmony) to quickly changing circumstances, without showing the least sign of annoyance. “The Law of Success”, Lesson 1, page 93 

Additionally, my intentions: to be and have unfathomable-ness of: happiness, success, and wellness. Lastly, to improve my energy footprint to being unrecognizable from my energy footprint of 2010 or my past greatest energy footprint of any past year that I have experienced. The mastermind team positively supports each member to at least those ends.

For more reading on Mastermind groups, please visit: http://www.mastermind...

To be part of the mastermind group:
The only prerequisites is for each team member to rigorously read the lessons 1-5 (and fill out questions), have an understanding of a mastermind, and have a desire to catapult your 2011 successes through the benefits of masterminding.

Then, I'll allow/add you into the Law Of Success 100 day challenge group (if a site member), join with you on facebook (if a site member), introduce you into my mastermind team members, and have weekly Skype conference video/audio calls with the team.

Additionally there are some online questions to interact with on a daily basis (if possible). The weekly results can be used to contribute to the conference call.

Also, hear are some downloads for the first 5 lessons of the Law Of Success; this is helpful for creating a common knowledge among the members of the mastermind group.

Law Of Success Lesson 1.pdf 
Law Of Success Lesson 2.pdf 
Law Of Success Lesson 3.pdf 
Law Of Success Lesson 4.pdf 
Law Of Success Lesson 5.pdf

A mastermind group is meant to foster an unparalleled synergy and prolific results unattainable otherwise without the bond of a mastermind group. Requisite to being in the mastermind group is understanding of the concept, commitment to recurring contact with fellow mastermind members as a group, and an existing personal journey/commitment to unordinary self-mastery, success and happiness in all area of life.

Here is the official Mastermind Invitation. To fill it out, visit: https://spreadsheets2...

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Comment by Imp on February 27, 2011 at 7:46pm
Great idea! Thank you for posting. I'd love to be part of your group.

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