The 100 Day Reality Challenge

my bigget longing is to have a deep, alive, loving and powerful relationship with, connection to, and experience of the Divine.

a big struggle for me is to understand who i am in relationship with - i.e. Who is the Divine?

yet the Divine finds ways to show up in my life in truly moving ways. Today it looked like this:

* When i looked for the Divine today I drew a card with the message of scheduling god - this makes perfect sense! If I want a relationship with thr Divine i have to allocate time and space for this.

* My children are a daily reminder of the Divine.

* Today, as on most days, Alexander proclaimed "Today is the best day ever!" - what better model of connection to the Divine is there?!

* Today Naomi turned to me and said "Ich liebe dich" and hugged me. We are talking about a 15 month old here!! What an old soul she has.

* i love the gift of stumbling across Xavier's song about needing the Divine (posted earlier). I love how music can instantly connect me to the Divine.

Thank you and good night my Divine Love

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