The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Fellow Co-creators!
I didn't quite make it last time I am beginning again (December 1st)
I am doing this on sort of short notice so I believe that I will be adjusting things as the days move ahead.
I have listed out my intentions
-Be healthy/treat my body like a temple
-Connect with my spirit
-re-connect with my creativity
-be joyful
-be grateful
-find/get on purpose

I am not wanting to attempt to do too much.
I would like to :
-Exercise 3+ times a week
-Meditate daily
-Morning /evening prayer
-Gratitude journal
-Develop goals/intention (related to my purpose)
-10 minutes of organizing per day
-Sonia Choquette's program The Answer Is Simple
-Go to weekly spiritual gathering
-Eat 50-75 percent raw foods
-Attract resources/solutions
-Be happy

Realistically I don't see myself doing all of this at once.
I will commit to 5 things and go from there

1.Read and Do Sonia Choquette's The Answer is Simple
2.Go do weekly spiritual gathering
3.Exercise 3 plus times a week
4.10 minutes of organizing a day
5.Morning/ evening prayer

Oh and one more thing
6. a weekly blog entry (going towards daily blog)

I feel as if I am not committing to enough and at the same time I feel as if my cup runneth over !!!

so to speak

sending you good thoughts

be well

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