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First day of March!! thing I have been manifesting is the habit of “ going with the downhill flow of the universe” in doing so, some stuff has to be let go of..”I” wanted to get more stuff done but there isn’t always time so stuff has to wait till later, and that’s going with the flow..on Wednesday one of my patients died at work ( he was terminally ill it was expected) and I was with the mourning family, and then my friend and I drove to our home town to see my girlfriend who gave birth that night…oh the circle of life!! Coming and going!! Learning more and more how big this game really is that we are playing!! Its huge!! I am using my “ daily” guide I created and read and go thru it every day to set my vibration….i have been having dreams about plates of glass, and I think that as I grow and grow I set new vibration, and work against resistance at many levels…that’s is what I sense. So interesting this work that will never end as growth is this life. Very interesting. No yoga today…I needed sleep more than yoga J soon tho….the tarot card reading are coming…this weekend hopefully J LOVE TO YOU ALWAYS MY CO CREATORS and universe I am having so much playing this game with you!!. Thank you so much!!

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Comment by Shaman Kanowa on March 1, 2012 at 9:05pm

Wow congratulations to your friend on her giving birth! I saw a cat give birth for the first time in my life (never saw anything born before) and it was amazing! Females are so amazing, I can't believe entire lives can come out of your bodies! AMAZING!Are you getting your own Tarot cards or getting a reading? It's fascinating how telling they can be.

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