The 100 Day Reality Challenge

First fifteen days of my season challenge

Hello Co-creators!

First fifteen of my challenge and I feel more focused as the challenge evolves. I have progressed with my intentions of this season such as:

  • doing exercise.. yeah sometimes I have low back pain but funny, as I come back to the gym, this dissapears :D .. My gym changed ALL the equipment, yahoo!! I feel much better.
  • My coaching sesions have been amazing, I found a great coach and we are working together to fulfill this dream of having my own biz. So far, so good
  • My biz. Well this is a great point, actually an amazing point!! I have received very interesting and affordable courses unexpectedly.. so far, I'm absolutely HAPPY with it. Ideas are flowing as well so here we are, progressing as much as we can
  • Healing emotions, here I have been working healing old relationships, my altar has been a great tool for that purpose, I feel much better than few months ago, and I can say, this of letting go is working out.
  • My rituals: well my mp3 is just great for this, I listen my courses from 6am, meditations etc, this keeps my flow.

My focus in the next 15 days will be the food: to cook healthier and to start working on my schedule for my exam!!

Life is Good!

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