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Hi there.

Had a really depressed feelings last week after visiting a friend and I found out that the feelings I got was not mine (but very strong)...I have too take care of myself and I felt I learned more about deep feelings to see the contrast. Sunday I was laughing and my intuition told me everything will be fine...Thank to the universe and all good people and me. 

Yesterday I got NLP coaching for the first time ever. And I meet a beautiful woman who gave me very interesting information and contacts for making a spiritual film. Before going there I could clearly see my grandmothers telling me: it´s time to look(live?) at your needs now.Strong message. They where both very creative and an inspiration for me. It also feels like I am helping them being who I really am.WOW!

I think I am attracting more people in my life now. Earlier my mission was to be strong and prove I was right, creative, intelligent...on my own...

I am asking for time and money to live a free life now. I attract money and people I can trust. Thank you.

Best, Helene

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