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Hey guys,
I am in bed today, a very rotten cold has taken hold in my body. I had a mild sinus cold a couple of weeks back, somehow caught another one, a doozy, right away. I have a history of bad winter colds and it makes me feel I am a burden on my husband, a boring mother, and lonely. My plans this week seem ruined. I am supposed to go to my 5-year old son's school today for a teacher conference, now have to miss that. I was so looking forward to it. Thanksgiving plans are up in the air. Will I be well enough to join my family?

Can we all agree that I'm having a Pity Party???

I have had a lot of nagging, chronic (though not serious) health issues that have meant that my energy is never optimal, I end up letting go of anything but essential tasks (like letting go of my artistic side or having work outside of the house). I end up feeling down. Oh sure, I emerge in the spring, feel good in summer, then do the downward slide all over again in fall/winter. Winter never gets me down, it's the colds I get that lay me flat out and take away my zest for life.

Okay, enough of that now.

I am 1000% committed to changing all of this, I choose a different life for me! I have been reading about true, lasting health and well-being, I am committing to some massive changes. As Obama has said, we all must be willing to sacrifice to make the healing changes our country needs (or something like that). I have taken his words to inspire me to act. I am going to go to a Raw Food diet after the holidays, and am starting now.

I am eliminating foods that hurt me:
1. Fried Foods
2. Refined Flour Foods
3. Coffee
4. Comfort Foods
5. Nightshades

I am eating more of the foods that nourish me:
1. Fresh RAW fruits, veg, and nuts
2. Fresh juices and soups daily
3. Foods on the Type O Blood Diet list
4. Seasonal foods
5. Local Foods

I am so blessed that I am able to figure this out, I am so grateful that I have the internet, books, my laptop, and my mind to show me the way forward.

Other things I have to be grateful for:
1. My supportive husband and son
2. My talent for cooking
3. My new kitchen that is coming soon
4. My veggie garden
5. Living in a city that promotes healthy living through it's farmer's markets, among other things. Portland, Oregon is so great!!!

I am also grateful for ME. I read a blog post by Kate today and it reminded me to be grateful for myself, too. I am way too hard on myself.

I am Grateful for Me because:

1. I am very expressive
2. I am creative
3. I am thoughtful
4. I allow life to touch me, my feelings run deep
5. I am giving

NOW, I want anyone who reaads this to make their own list of 5, share it in the comments section.

C'mon, if I can do this while sick in bed, you have no excuse! :-)

Have a great, and grateful, week everyone,
Clarissa xxx

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Comment by Clarissa Kelly on November 26, 2008 at 4:50pm
Hey Tabitha! The squirrels are so funny, though they make me a wee bit mad when they eat all of the bird food in the feeders. The crows are lovely, and they were all dancing, jumpring around each other in circles, vying for the bread crusts. At least I have entertainment when I am sick in bed. ;)
Comment by Clarissa Kelly on November 26, 2008 at 4:48pm
Mari, what a great comment from you, I am grateful that you are my friend, too!!

I have a new cat who is driving me nuts, he has too much energy, and he likes to bite me. But he's young, he'll calm down (we hope!). That show about the chefs sounds fun, I love watching cooking shows! Today I juiced some fruits and veg, though my tummy isn't feeling so good now. Too much of a good thing!

Will you make a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow? I always cooked one when I lived in England, usually had friends or family join us. Have a lovely weekend whatever you do!

Much love,
Clarissa xxx
Comment by Clarissa Kelly on November 25, 2008 at 7:45pm
Hey Kate, you always put a smile on my face! I do think you would be a great friend to have around, glad to have you as a virtual friend! Sharing, giving, creating, and simplifying, those are great thoughts for me today. They are actually the main things I desire to acheive over the next month of the Christmas season. Only a month away, eeeek!. ;)

Hey, if I don't catch you before Thursday, have a great Thanksgiving. I am glad you are choosing to do what will bring you joy. We all must choose joy over obligation, I choose that for myself now, too.
Love ya!
Comment by Clarissa Kelly on November 25, 2008 at 7:41pm
Thanks Tab! I was just writing you a comment at the same time you left mine! How funny!

Just relaxing in bed, having a bowl of peppermint ice cream (my throat likes it), and reading "The PH Miracle" by Robert Young. It is a book about balancing the body's PH and becoming healthy. It's basically all about eating veggies and what happens when we do more of it! I am watching Raw Food videos on YouTube and allowing the info to wash over me until I have the energy to implement it.

I do believe that my body will use the virus to extract all of the crud in here, I just wish it would have left it until after our Thanksgiving holiday!

My hubby is pampering me a bit, he is so sweet. He came home at lunchtime and took our son to a friend's house to play this afternoon. The quiet afternoon is like medicine to me. I am watching a squirrel in the rain, doing a dance with some crows in my back yard, all fighting over the same nuts that feel from the feeder. I have chased the squirrel away from our birdfeeder several times, though now I just give up. They have such a single focus, I will never win against that. :-)

Thanks for the hug, I WILL manifest some soup, that is my mantra....!
clarissa xxx
Comment by Kate on November 25, 2008 at 5:35pm

Glad to see how you changed your situation around. Ok here are my 5
1.I have a boundless amount of energy for giving
2. I share all that I learn with as many people as I can.
3. I am the best friend someone could have.
4. I have a capital C on my forehead for my Creativity, it just oozes out of me.
5.I take the time to enjoy the simple thing in life. There is this baby in the cafe I am at just crawling all over the floor and what a fun site that is to see.

I hope you are feeling better soon. I am sending some healing energy your way. Have a happy Thanksgiving too!



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