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Flirting Tips & The Young Victoria

Flirting Advice from Queen Victoria

I recently saw ‘The Young Victoria’ one of my favorite parts of the movie, shows how fabulous a flirt Victoria was, and how she understood men quite well. In this scene Victoria and Prince Albert were playing chess while her mother and Uncle and others were reading by the fire. Both give each other advice in during the conversation. “Then you had better master the rules of the game until you can play it better than they can.” This is by far my favorite quote in the movie; Prince Albert sure knew what he was talking about!

Flirting and relationships are games, some people believe making a relationship a game is being manipulative and very misleading and wrong. In reality the opposite is true, life IS a game! If you are not playing and having fun in your love life then WHAT ARE YOU DOING? What is the point? Love should be fun, it should give you that youthful glow people envy. You should not be stressed out and depressed over your love life or relationships!

Bottom line is: Flirting and relationships are games that are meant to be fun and playful. You just need to know the rules of the game better than everyone else!

You can learn the art of flirting and the rules of the game in From Flirting To Forever.

Live Blessed Everyone!

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